October 13, 2011

Wardrobe malfunction

Tuesday morning I stood in front of my closet picking out my outfit for the day - because I can't plan for what I'm going to feel like the night before - and figured since it was the only nice day of the week I'd wear a skirt. But since it's pretty chilly in the morning I thought pantyhose would be a good idea; thigh-high stockings more specifically.
I rarely wear these but they've always been perfectly comfortable and it's way easier to pee! I finally get ready and hustle out the door - because I was running late, of course - then barely made it to the end of my street before one of the stockings started to slip down. No biggie, I'll pull them up discreetly just enough to get to work and then actually fix them...Ya nice try. I struggled with the idea of turning around - and with trying to keep my stocking up - but didn't even make it to the next block before giving in.

That's 170m, or 0.1mi, in Google Maps estimation...
By this time, they are fully falling down and the lace part has reached below my skirt level so you definitely know what's going on.

Once I got to my building I decided that it would take far too long to go all the way upstairs to fix my small malfunction and the laundry room is far more convenient. To maintain some discreetness, I popped into the little washroom next to the laundry room. By popped in I mean was barely past the door, left it open and didn't even turn the light on.

But of course there had to be at least one early-rising housewife! My position was hidden from her direct line of sight so I had time to pull my skirt down, grab my bag & run out before she heard that someone else was there.

The rest of my walk to work was uneventful, and I'm still glad I wore those thigh-highs because I drank so much water that day that peeing would have been so much more annoying with real pantyhose...LOL

I would LOVE to hear about some of your wardrobe malfunctions b/c I know they exist!

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  1. This is hilarious! And totally something that would happen to me.


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