October 23, 2011

Gotta break out my inner designer!

I've got a couple of posts up my sleeve soon but top of mind right now - the fact that I've been in my apartment for nearly a year (1 week shy!) and have really done nothing to my space.

There is one picture on the wall, and it's a pretty small one. My curtains could use some 'hemming' in order to avoid the extra hang on the ground. My closet space hasn't been utilized to its maximum potential. Not only that, I'm really not comfortable with all of my space. My computer desk is so cluttered that every time I sit down at it, I get flustered and really just want to get up and leave. And my living room just doesn't give off the vibe that I want it to.

I will only blame part of my infrequent posting on that, but either way - something's gotta change. So when I realized my upcoming milestone, I started really thinking about all the things I wanted to do. They include:

1. Putting up the canvas picture in my dining area

2. Put up a shelf in my room. Decision - above my desk to give it a 'unit'-type feel for pictures and more desk org.

3. Update my picture collage and put it up in my bedroom.

4. Create a postcard clothesline, like this:
5. Re-arrange my living room based on what I'm envisioning and hope it looks good in reality!

I've got 1 week -  ready, set...GO!

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  1. Seriously..it's been a year already!?
    I find that after 4 years I still have an empty wall which I've been waiting to fill. But lets face it, nothings gonna go there.


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