October 31, 2011

Happy 1 year TO anniversary to me :)

Yes, it has officially been one whole year of city life for this girl, and what a year it has been - new place, new job, new life! You can read my very first post on it here!!

Some new friends entered my life, some old friends came back, other old friends were asked to leave and I have learned so much from each and every one of them.

My self-sufficiency in terms of making it on my own has even surprised me! I'm still working on some organizational kinks, like I talked about here last week, but everything's great!

The one lack-lustre thing is how bored and irritated I am getting with my not-so-new-anymore job. I guess that should be expected from me thought because I can only last in a role for so long before I've gotten what I'm gonna get out of it and want to move on. Oh well.

I can't believe all that's transpired in the last year but I can't wait to see what's next! :)

I must say, this view still gets me every time:

Good morning & Happy Monday!
oh ya and...

October 27, 2011

Halloween is 'creeping' up! (Video Fun)

Since I don't decorate for Halloween I was trying to get into the spooky spirit a little bit today (that may or may not have been at work) and came across these genius videos! Enjoy! 

Can't wait to see everyone's costumes!

October 23, 2011

Gotta break out my inner designer!

I've got a couple of posts up my sleeve soon but top of mind right now - the fact that I've been in my apartment for nearly a year (1 week shy!) and have really done nothing to my space.

There is one picture on the wall, and it's a pretty small one. My curtains could use some 'hemming' in order to avoid the extra hang on the ground. My closet space hasn't been utilized to its maximum potential. Not only that, I'm really not comfortable with all of my space. My computer desk is so cluttered that every time I sit down at it, I get flustered and really just want to get up and leave. And my living room just doesn't give off the vibe that I want it to.

I will only blame part of my infrequent posting on that, but either way - something's gotta change. So when I realized my upcoming milestone, I started really thinking about all the things I wanted to do. They include:

1. Putting up the canvas picture in my dining area

2. Put up a shelf in my room. Decision - above my desk to give it a 'unit'-type feel for pictures and more desk org.

3. Update my picture collage and put it up in my bedroom.

4. Create a postcard clothesline, like this:
5. Re-arrange my living room based on what I'm envisioning and hope it looks good in reality!

I've got 1 week -  ready, set...GO!

October 14, 2011

Book Club Friday

After reading the long & dramatic trilogy by Steig Larsson (check out my last 3 book reviews), I decided to go light with my next read. This week I'm reviewing:

Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang - Chelsea Handler
"Life doesn't get more hilarious than when Chelsea Handler takes aim with her irreverent wit. Who else would send all-staff emails to smoke out the dumbest people on her show? Now, in this new collection of original essays, the #1 bestselling author of Are You There, Vodka? It's Me, Chelsea delivers one laugh-out-loud moment after another as she sets her sights on the ridiculous side of childhood, adulthood, and daughterhood.
Family moments are fair game, whether it's writing a report on Reaganomics to earn a Cabbage Patch doll, or teaching her father social graces by ordering him to stay indoors. It's open season on her love life, from playing a prank on her boyfriend (using a ravioli, a fake autopsy, and the Santa Monica pier) to adopting a dog so she can snuggle with someone who doesn't talk. And everyone better duck for cover when her beach vacation turns into matchmaking gone wild. Outrageously funny and deliciously wicked, CHELSEA CHELSEA BANG BANG is good good good good!"

Have you read any other Chelsea Handler books? This was much of the same but with a twist - she was now writing as a celebrity. I wasn't a big fan of her second book (Are You There, Vodka? It's Me, Chelsea) but this was a definite redemption. The following are a couple favourites:

While [jokingly] discussing the euthanizing of their father with her siblings:
"The next e-mail we recieved was from my older sister, Sidney. 'As an attorney, I am advising you all to cease and desist any and all discussion of the euthanization of our father via e-mail. I am available by phone at your earliest convenience.'"

This following is not only due to my dislike for Rihanna, but also because it's just plain insensitively funny:
"[...] my friend Stephanie suggested that it would be a good idea to have me fake a black eye. With Eva & Stephanie's help, I was able to make one side of my face look like Rihanna's, and then I headed down in the bright sunlight with a hat and sunglasses, like any respectful abused woman."

Conclusion: Read if you have a sense of humour

October 13, 2011

Wardrobe malfunction

Tuesday morning I stood in front of my closet picking out my outfit for the day - because I can't plan for what I'm going to feel like the night before - and figured since it was the only nice day of the week I'd wear a skirt. But since it's pretty chilly in the morning I thought pantyhose would be a good idea; thigh-high stockings more specifically.
I rarely wear these but they've always been perfectly comfortable and it's way easier to pee! I finally get ready and hustle out the door - because I was running late, of course - then barely made it to the end of my street before one of the stockings started to slip down. No biggie, I'll pull them up discreetly just enough to get to work and then actually fix them...Ya nice try. I struggled with the idea of turning around - and with trying to keep my stocking up - but didn't even make it to the next block before giving in.

That's 170m, or 0.1mi, in Google Maps estimation...
By this time, they are fully falling down and the lace part has reached below my skirt level so you definitely know what's going on.

Once I got to my building I decided that it would take far too long to go all the way upstairs to fix my small malfunction and the laundry room is far more convenient. To maintain some discreetness, I popped into the little washroom next to the laundry room. By popped in I mean was barely past the door, left it open and didn't even turn the light on.

But of course there had to be at least one early-rising housewife! My position was hidden from her direct line of sight so I had time to pull my skirt down, grab my bag & run out before she heard that someone else was there.

The rest of my walk to work was uneventful, and I'm still glad I wore those thigh-highs because I drank so much water that day that peeing would have been so much more annoying with real pantyhose...LOL

I would LOVE to hear about some of your wardrobe malfunctions b/c I know they exist!

October 7, 2011

Foto Friday


Hope you enjoy your turkey-eating weekend!

October 5, 2011

Pinteresting Wednesday

Future House Wishlist edition

Master bedroom reading area

Kitchen for entertaining
Source: hgtv.com via daniela on Pinterest

The ultimate closet to stay organized!

Sitting room reading area
Source: houzz.com via daniela on Pinterest

Office nook!
Source: None via daniela on Pinterest

Kids' bedroom - promoting reading! :)

Anyone else have crazy wishlists for their future house?!

October 3, 2011

Another TIFF-less year

Every September, Toronto hosts its very own International film festival - TIFF - which causes both celebrities and their admirers to flock to downtown Toronto. Not going to lie, it's pretty exciting - like our own mini Hollywood, even though I try not to be too starstruck in general because let's face - they're just regular people. Who are really good at lying. But I digress.

I actually only discovered TIFF two years ago and managed to get tickets to the premier of Get Low which was very cool because Bill Murray, Sissy Spacek & Robert Duvall all attended this screening and spoke a little bit beforehand. But that has been my first and last TIFF experience. Last year, I wasn't living in Toronto so finding tickets to a convenient movie was tough & I needed to be saving for moving out anyway.

This year though there was no excuse. Except that this must be the most poorly organized int'l film festival on earth. I started checking for ticket information way early (maybe June?) just so I was ahead of the curve. Well apparently I was too ahead because there wasn't any ticket info available. Not that I could find at least - read: that website is a maze to navigate. At the risk of repeating myself, the summer was really (good) busy. By the time I realized TIFF was right around the corner (in terms of time & space), the general admission tickets had been for sale for three days & needless to say - it was slim pickin's.

There were some really great-looking movies that I wanted to see - with some really great-looking men - but those are obviously the first ones to go. (click for trailer)
Don't get me wrong, there are a ton of indie and other good movies at TIFF, but there's just so many that it's difficult to research them all! Not mention, the film listing on TIFF's website didn't work. Yeah, you heard me. So alas, we were left hoping that day of we'd be able to snag some tickets early in the morning. No luck.

#TeamdCdK didn't let that get them down though.We may not have gotten to see a TIFF movie but we hit up downtown one Saturday night & took in the atmosphere. Conveniently, we found ourselves at the premier of Take This Waltz and even caught some of its stars!

Sarah Silverman from a (large) distance

Seth Rogen coming our way!

Seth Rogen close up - while doing this really awkward chuckle

We took a picture of some girl and Seth - she was so excited b/c her camera didn't work LOL

I was pretty pumped :)

#TeamdCdK pre-drinks ;)

Better luck next year!
Has anyone ever been to such a celeb-magnet event?