September 30, 2011

Book Club Friday

Last week I talked about the second book in this trilogy. This week it's #3:

The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest - Steig Larsson
"The stunning third and final novel in Stieg Larsson’s internationally best-selling trilogy.
Lisbeth Salander—the heart of Larsson’s two previous novels—lies in critical condition, a bullet wound to her head, in the intensive care unit of a Swedish city hospital. She’s fighting for her life in more ways than one: if and when she recovers, she’ll be taken back to Stockholm to stand trial for three murders. With the help of her friend, journalist Mikael Blomkvist, she will not only have to prove her innocence, but also identify and denounce those in authority who have allowed the vulnerable, like herself, to suffer abuse and violence. And, on her own, she will plot revenge—against the man who tried to kill her, and the corrupt government institutions that very nearly destroyed her life. Once upon a time, she was a victim. Now Salander is fighting back."

The third book in the trilogy is essentially part 2 of the second book - can't have one with out the other. If you skip the 2nd and go onto the 3rd, you'll be completely lost. If you don't bother with the 3rd after reading the 2nd, you are much better at not getting closure than am I, because that's what this book has to offer - major, major closure to this entire series.
Not sure if I even need to say this but the book started a bit slow. It was interesting because you weren't trying to be captivated by an entirely new story but I wasn't struggling to put it down either. I was seriously impressed by the character development of Lisbeth Salander (the protagonist) partly due to the obvious changes from when we were introduced to her, but mostly because it was just so believable despite the range.
Without getting into too many details, I can assure that this book gives your the conclusion & closure you would want from this fantastic trilogy.
Conclusion: You can't  read it!



  1. Okay, maybe it's time I pick up this trilogy!

    Btw, I just linked this up for you. :)

  2. it is pretty decent is a gripping series :)

    happy friday!


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