August 29, 2011

It's that time of year

The 2012 IKEA Catalogue has arrived, at my doorstep no less! I can't wait to curl up on the couch & page tag the crap out of it. Then in September there'll be a shopping trip for which I'm so pumped already! Maybe I'll see if my mom wants to come down for a weekend and go together - yay!

I've been an IKEA-lover ever since I can remember. Up until recently, my parents exclusively bought their furniture there - the last living room set my mom decided to get snazzy and get it semi custom-made. But with re-doing my bedroom 2 years ago & moving out last year, IKEA has been my go-to for everything big or small. This year I don't really need much but I'm hoping there will be some really fun home accessories that I can snaz-up the apartment with :)

Then again...I still have to put up the IKEA wall picture that I bought back in March...

Is anyone else as excited as me about the 2012 IKEA Catalogue!?

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  1. YES! i picked up mine at the store last week! i also have a shelf that hasn't even been installed yet but i don't mind scoping out the issue for my next big purchase! :P


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