August 30, 2011

How to make banana bread

The following will result in delicious Banana bread, just make sure it's:

- after getting home at 11:30pm on a Monday night
- after polishing off half a bottle of wine
- when your bananas are 100% frozen & you contemplate defrosting them in the microwave
[ultimately settling for hot water]
- when you realize you don't have the 1 egg you need, contemplate quitting, then frantically search Google for suitable substitutes
- when you're trying to figure out your usual apple sauce-for-butter ratio & hope it's 1:1
- when you have large chocolate chips that you decide to cut into little quarters before mixing in
- with love & determination <3

Oh ya, you might want the actual recipe as well.

August 29, 2011

It's that time of year

The 2012 IKEA Catalogue has arrived, at my doorstep no less! I can't wait to curl up on the couch & page tag the crap out of it. Then in September there'll be a shopping trip for which I'm so pumped already! Maybe I'll see if my mom wants to come down for a weekend and go together - yay!

I've been an IKEA-lover ever since I can remember. Up until recently, my parents exclusively bought their furniture there - the last living room set my mom decided to get snazzy and get it semi custom-made. But with re-doing my bedroom 2 years ago & moving out last year, IKEA has been my go-to for everything big or small. This year I don't really need much but I'm hoping there will be some really fun home accessories that I can snaz-up the apartment with :)

Then again...I still have to put up the IKEA wall picture that I bought back in March...

Is anyone else as excited as me about the 2012 IKEA Catalogue!?

August 28, 2011

Lazy Sunday

Talk about a lazy Sunday! I knew I would have today to myself & figured since I power cleaned yesterday I would devote today to reading & writing. Well there was some writing today (getting back into my blogging groove, yay!) but definitely no reading - all in all, I mostly slept today. I feel that it's well-deserved though. I haven't had one of these Sundays since...May? Far too long in my opinion, and a great way to wrap up this weekend which included the following:

- being stuck in an Apple store for an hour (for those who don't know, I hate Apple)
- discovering the awesomeness that is Joe Fresh fashion!
- making delicious burgers for Friday night dinner with dC
- finishing the rest of season 1 of my new fave BG show!
- power cleaning & re-organizing my room
- starting a closet cleanse to de-clutter...and shop guilt-free!
- hosting a pre-drink before heading out for a birthday celebration
- making 4am pizza with dC
...and a Sunday full of naps :)

What did y'all get up to this weekend?

August 24, 2011

For the ladies...

I know none of us can resist a hottie celeb being an everyday hero...

August 23, 2011

Sulking & tantrums are unbecoming...

In order to avoid saying something I will later regret and for fear of sounding like a spoiled & jealous 5-year old, I will avoid ranting here (for the time being).

But I will leave you with my hawt hair do:
That's my kitty - more on that in a future post.

Who else is pretty damn excited for summer to be ending? I sure as hell know I am.

August 8, 2011

Just monkeyin' around!

Last weekend #Team.dCdK went to the zoo. I don't know about you guys, but I fucking love the zoo. Not even the fact that it's full of annoying, screaming, under-age (yes, there's a minimum) children can ruin it for me. If you're just here for the rant, scroll are my top pics!


Whachyou sayin'?!

Who doesn't want to have a pet monkey?!

He wanted to cuddle with someone i'm sure...dC wouldn't let me. He's just jealous.


Best accidental shot ever.

2 words - hilarious & annoying.

Call me crazy, but I can't be the only one that has the desire to cuddle with anything & everything that's furry. Crickets...? Fine, moving on.

Rant: I don't even dislike children that much. Don't get me wrong, the thought of children in my life makes me want to throw up, cry & break things all at the same time. However I do recognize their cuteness & innocence. Ultimately it's bad parents that I hate.
For example, WHO brings a newborn to a crowded zoo full of God-only-knows what kind of germs on a hot July day?! The parents likely won't remember the zoo experience, let alone the newborn. My dad took me to the zoo the summer after my sister was born and guess what - my mom stayed home with baby. 17 years later, my sister is none the wiser - she wasn't missing out on anything at 4 months old. Same goes for malls & any other mega public place that babies should just be kept away from until the proper age. Ultimately, screaming, poorly-mannered children weren't born that way - they were raised that way. It's about time parenting classes became mandatory for some people. End rant.

#Team.dCdK ended the weekend with a lovely light show...

Cool zoo stories anyone? Or children rants? I'd enjoy both :)