July 28, 2011

Not on hiatus...

...though I know how it may seem that way.

Honestly, I'm just never really home. And when I am home, I'm dead tired. Frankly, it's a miracle that I manage to not live in complete filth.

That's not to imply that I don't really have anything to say. There's plenty of things floating in my head but they always come to me at the most inappropriate times - during work meetings, doing groceries, while out with friends, driving...none of which allow me to stop & sort out my thoughts.

Ultimately, I blame summer. And work. All this nice weather that makes me want to enjoy sports, patios & sunshine - along with working overtime. But no worries, only one month left of that nonsense. Then we'll back to the usual fall tv lineup & evenings at home after work. I hope.

I'm not sure how you fellow bloggers are managing but good on ya! I hope that y'all are enjoying summer too - though from the posts that I do get to read, I'm pretty sure you are ;)

This dry spell hurts me too & I'm not just saying that...



  1. oh girl, i hear you. all those things floating in the mind take time to articulate and i know when you're dead tired it's the last thing you want to take on. rest up and enjoy some Rip van Winkle time, most deserved indeed!

    i'm taking a blogging break at the end of August myself, just so challenging to keep up with it all. cheers to you and enjoy this time, thanks for visiting me lades. happy weekend! ♥

  2. The only reason I'm able to keep up with my bloggity blog during the summer months is because I don't work during the summer. I made a deal with myself, I can't go swimming until I've done a bit of writing.

  3. Girl, I was just thinking how I need an update on your life! I think August has been a slow blogging month for most people (I mean seriously, if I've finally caught up in my Google Reader enough to be reading one of your posts from July, we know it's been slow haha). Can't wait to read about your shenanigans again this fall!


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