June 19, 2011

Starting the weekend off right

Friday night was a little bit ridiculous but way too much fun! It was a night of getting together in the neighbourhood with co-workers to bar hop & have a good time :)

- Started out at our fave martini place with $4 martinis! I was late so had to play catch up but who doesn't want to chug a martini names 'The Situation'
- Began stumbling towards the next bar looking for a place to pee b/c Starbucks was closed - who knew it was past 11pm!
- Peed at the pizza place (where I checked in, ya that's right) which gave us free pizza b/c their power was out & the reheat lamps weren't working = SCORE!
- Found out the new dessert bar is finally open & stumbled in to look at their menu - the servers were nice but def made fun of us after we left...I don't blame them
- Detoured to a horse gambling bar to see some guy friends & I won $11! Such a weird place & crowd though
- Finally made it to our destination & met up with the rest of the group - the night progressed with gossip & drinks on the VIP couches = good times
- Moved the party to the dance floor where a local band was totally murdering (not in a good way) some fantastic songs
- Sent anonymous one-night-stand texts to our friend's brother who was also at the bar - way too hilarious watching him show the texts to his friends all confused *mwahahaha*
- my work bff & I left holding hands on the hunt for some post-bar food and a seriously good sleep :)

And that was just Friday night...Hope y'all had a great weekend as well!!


  1. That sounds like a long night! lol or you guys just did a lot of stuff in a short amount of time haha
    What new dessert bar is it?? Always up for trying new delicious treats :P

  2. Sounds like a lot of fun lady! Especially the free food. There is nothing better when you're tipsy!

  3. did you guys end up having street meat? hehe

  4. Haha, the text messages sound hilarious!

  5. Sounds like a great way to spend a Friday night. :D


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