June 26, 2011

I want me a Baby G!

Last night, the boyfriend & I went for drinks with my [non blood-related] cousin & her bf - great time! - but I felt really left out when they were all comparing & showing off their G-Shock & Baby G watches - they all have obsessions! Needless to say, I definitely looked some up today and oh my gah...i found the perfect one!

Source: None via daniela on Pinterest

It's only $99! Which is a lot but I had anticipated more so my perception now is that it's a bargain LOL  This won't be an immediate purchase though...might be too early to be (watch) matchy matchy haha

Anyone else have a G-Shock/Baby G obsession??

June 23, 2011

Learning to play nice

This is by no means my proudest moment. In fact it might actually be one of my most embarrassing - in life and in blog. Naturally, I'm going to share it with you.

Don't be fooled though, this isn't one of those haha-i'm-so-embarrassed-about-this-quirky-(or drunk)-stupid-thing-i-did-haha moments. It's more of an i'm-an-adult-and-i-can't-believe-i-just-acted-like-that-in-front-of-my-peers moment.

I play softball on a work league [which is pretty much like office dating because the consequences can be rather unpleasant if things go wrong*] and it's a lot of fun because my work friends are just plain awesome & I actually don't fully suck at it. Unfortunately, I'm really competitive. Like really, really, really competitive. It's affected me my whole life & I've never really learned how to deal with it...possibly because I've semi-avoided dealing with it hoping that I'd just grow out of it.

So we had a softball game the other day. We lost. I was pissed. Here's why:

  1. The other team made a couple of shit calls which resulted in way more runs than they deserved.
  2. My team was overly confident because we went into this game with a 4-0 winning streak.
  3. Halfway through the game, they were still overly confident even though it was obvious that this team could hold their own & continued to hand them runs & opportunities to get us out.
  4. Just the fact that I was letting this shit bother me made this a vicious fucking circle.
I didn't have a full-out tantrum on the diamond - that's not very becoming of a princess - however I'm sure you could tell my attitude had gotten pretty rotten with the glares, cussing (not too loudly) and I may or may not have tossed my glove one time.

I don't know how obvious it was to the other team while sitting on the bench or being in the outfield, however I know how I felt - like a frustrated douchebag. But a frustrated douchebag that I could not for the life of me control. Now, I wasn't the only one that was pissed and showed it, but by then I had tuned out my team mates so I couldn't really tell you exactly how they acted.

Don't worry, I still did the 'good game' handshake with the other team, but definitely called my mom right after that. MY MOM! I'm 24 years old in case I haven't mentioned. My mom didn't even understand what I was talking about at first (I may have been putting a lot of effort into not sobbing) and once she got it she was like, "Oh! I thought you lost something valuable, like your rings [again]!" She told me to go home, relax & suck it up because IT'S JUST A FREAKIN' SOFTBALL GAME!!

Guess what...I know it's just a game. What I don't know is how to not internalize a loss of any kind. This is my perception of me losing:

Losing > Failing > Not Good Enough > Incompetent > Inadequate

I'm very aware of how that sounds - dumb. But I like to put 110% into what I do & if I'm not completely successful then, at least I know I did my best. [cue Dane Cook] But with so much out of my control - aka 2 entire teams worth of people - I just can't handle it.

At work yesterday I had reason to suspect that things may have been said by the other team so I manned up - me admitting I was wrong? umm yes - and apologized to the other team's captain for what was likely the most douchebag-ish attitude they've seen on the diamond. We're cool, and of course I asked her to pass my apology on to the rest of the team because there's no way I was letting ME admitting I was wrong go unnoticed.

So like I said - I'm embarrassed. But I don't really know how to control myself. Should I stop even trying to play team-type sports/games? Should I keep playing & work on how I handle these things? 
What do you guys think?!?

June 19, 2011

Starting the weekend off right

Friday night was a little bit ridiculous but way too much fun! It was a night of getting together in the neighbourhood with co-workers to bar hop & have a good time :)

- Started out at our fave martini place with $4 martinis! I was late so had to play catch up but who doesn't want to chug a martini names 'The Situation'
- Began stumbling towards the next bar looking for a place to pee b/c Starbucks was closed - who knew it was past 11pm!
- Peed at the pizza place (where I checked in, ya that's right) which gave us free pizza b/c their power was out & the reheat lamps weren't working = SCORE!
- Found out the new dessert bar is finally open & stumbled in to look at their menu - the servers were nice but def made fun of us after we left...I don't blame them
- Detoured to a horse gambling bar to see some guy friends & I won $11! Such a weird place & crowd though
- Finally made it to our destination & met up with the rest of the group - the night progressed with gossip & drinks on the VIP couches = good times
- Moved the party to the dance floor where a local band was totally murdering (not in a good way) some fantastic songs
- Sent anonymous one-night-stand texts to our friend's brother who was also at the bar - way too hilarious watching him show the texts to his friends all confused *mwahahaha*
- my work bff & I left holding hands on the hunt for some post-bar food and a seriously good sleep :)

And that was just Friday night...Hope y'all had a great weekend as well!!

June 17, 2011

Foto Friday

All I want this weekend:
What I'm probably going to end up doing instead...
Life is hard, eh?

June 15, 2011

Chuck Norris quotes win every time!

My work BFF took quite the tumble at our work league softball game the other day and we had people bandaging & taking care of her for the rest of the game. She was less than impressed with the attention.

When asked the next day about how she's doing, her response was as follows:

"I try to model myself after my idol, Chuck Norris, and in that spirit we should be asking the ground if it's ok."

His response: "I actually emailed the ground but I'm still waiting for a reply...probably not a good sign."

My teammates are the best. :)

June 8, 2011

H8Rz Unite

I think this video speaks for itself. Who wouldn't want to see haterz (like myself) get called out by the dumb celebrities they insult? Yaaaaaa, exactly.

June 3, 2011

June 2, 2011

And that's how every date should end...

I kind of had an awesome date the other night. I guess ‘officially’ it would be our first date but without all the awkwardness, which is always a plus.

While walking back from the movies - seeing Hangover 2 was so us, seriously - I guess it started drizzling which I didn’t feel because I was way too into the story I was telling.

M: “Do you feel that?”
me: “No? What?”
M: “Nevermind...”

I keep telling my story but then do feel some rain drops.

me: “Oh the rain drops? Ya I felt that."
M: “Ugh no, I meant the chemistry...” totally trying to keep a straight face

Umm yes, you may kiss me now please :)