May 25, 2011

Long Weekends #FTW

Now that the Challenge is over, I'll be back to my regular posting! And don't worry, not the 'regular' posting from before the challenge - my writer's block is lifting! Also, I'll be posting trip pictures soon - really behind on that.

So this past weekend was a long one in Canada - the kind that every weekend should be! Despite some minor setbacks - like the completely false weather forecast! - it turned out quite well :)

After a mostly unproductive day at work, we fast forward to Friday night - I'm lookin' hott at a wicked night club with free Grey Goose flowing! Ya in hindsight, I seriously regret free GG because that was like, the sloppiest night ever. How many drinks did I have? Couldn't tell ya - all I know is I had the same glass all night and it kept being refilled. Bad idea. Very bad.

Stumbled home, slept with my contacts still in & makeup still on, was still drunk at 7am when I finally took them off & got some pjs on, could barely move all day & hated myself for it all day because it was supposed to be the only sunny day of the entire weekend.
I turned that shit around though because I hate regret - made a delicious chicken dinner & crossed off one of my top things from my [mental] Bucket List - went to the movies solo :) It was as good as I had always thought it would be. Well ok, I did have a date - Matthew McConaghey. #LicolnLawyer

Took a lovely walk in the city & discovered an extremely lovely neighbourhood in Toronto - Leslieville! I can't wait to go back - right by the beaches with fantastic little shops!
That night I made a delicious dinner with one of my besties & went to see #Bridesmaids. So. Freaking. Good. I hate 'going with the crowd' when it comes to movie opinions but I can't deny that I did not stop cracking up the entire time. GO SEE IT!

The weather had major PMS this day. It's gonnaaaaaa....NOT rain! Mwahahhahaha Asshole. So glad I decided to go to the driving range to take my clubs out for their first time. Well, I just said decide for me because I suck at decision-making. Then we had dinner at swanky Moxie's before heading home in a torrential downpour. It was fitting - got to relax after an eventful weekend listening to the rain :)

I'm seriously excited to be over my writer's block & get back into sharing stories & tidbits with ya'll! Also very excited about being caught up on all your posts! Nothing beats Google Reader saying zero! Haha

Catch ya soon!

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  1. I've never been to Leslieville! But I've heard good things. I'll def have to get there this summer.


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