May 18, 2011

Interruption - Softball Season Song VOTE!

Alright ladies & gents, I’m going to need your help and I want you to know that this is very, VERY important.

I’m playing softball with work this year & there are several requirements. None of which are the ability to throw, catch or hit a softball. The one that is giving me trouble is the selection of a walk out song. See, told you it was important!

Seriously though, this has been a big dilemma in my life for the past 2 days - this song is gonna rep me for an entire season!

I’ve at least managed to narrow it down to the following so please VOTE!!!
Note: The song will play for no more than a minute - walk out + striking out batting. Click the links if you need a refresher.

Feel It - Three 6 Mafia
Please vote in the comments section & share get others to vote too!!! :))



  1. torn between Feel it and Hello.. ugh. they're both really good!

  2. My vote: La Grange

  3. AHH they're all so different!
    I'm kind of leaning towards the last one..

  4. FEEL IT!!! I could be slightly biased do it my complete obsession with Three 6 Mafia (remember the reality show they had? Adventures in Hollyhood was a classic) but I definitely think it'll get you pumped up.

  5. Thanks for your input guys!! I'm so awful with decision-making lol


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