April 23, 2011

The Challenge - Day 1

Day 1 - A picture of yourself with 10 facts

I get it from my mama <3
1. First & foremost, I am very Bulgarian. I may have been raised in Canada, but I was born in Bulgaria & my family has always maintained our traditions, cultures, etc. Loves it :)
2. I am very outgoing. Even when I try to be [kind of] shy - I fail pretty badly.
3. I'm a big Nerd - books, computers, social media & allllll kinds of knowledge! 
4. I finally moved [back] to the City 6 months ago & won’t be looking back - I’ve always been a city girl! 5. I can't function if I'm not listening to music. From the moment I wake up, on my commute to/from work, at work (thank you YouTube & GrooveShark!) right until I go to bed. I don't think I could ever have a roommate.. 6. I could mistaken for German (you mean my Aryan look didn’t give it away?) because I'm wildly 'patriotic' when it comes to Deutschland.. It is hands down my favourite country in the world & I've had the pleasure of living there twice in my life - when I was 4 and in my last year of university. Do not mess with me & my team during the World & Euro Cups! 7. The first word most people would use if asked to describe me is ‘bitch’ (Bulgarian is a close 2nd). I’m proud that I can hold my own & will admit that I may be a bit too abrasive sometimes. However, when it comes to my true friends - I take good care of them :) 8. As tough (and bitchy) as I may be act, I’m really a hopeless romantic who wears her heart on her sleeve & gives away pieces of it far too easily. 9. I love to travel. In hindsight, I’m super glad my parents drove everywhere on vacation because it’s allowed me to see Canada from east to west coast & all the way down through the States to Florida. I can’t wait to get to all the places on my list! 10. I love food. Cooking it, baking it & obviously eating it LOL I wish I had more time to do, but mostly I wish I had someone to do it for - cooking for one is lonely :( 


  1. Fun post! It's neat to learn things about you and that picture is lovely! I wouldn't describe you as a bitch. I've never felt you come off that way. And I agree about traveling in the car. You see so much more than you do if you get in a plane.

    Simply Kate

  2. I love this! 7 and 8 are a great combination of traits to have!

  3. You are so purdy :) I've never pictured you as a bitch, but I don't think that being a sassy bitch is a bad thing ;) Oh, and I really want that giant glass of wine that you are holding in your picture.



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