April 21, 2011


Despite the fear of sounding super lame, I'm going to fully acknowledge my absence and being a shitty blogger - so much commenting & follow-backs to catchup on! - but of course I have my excuses legit reasons:
  1. Work has been crazy
  2. Life has been fast-paced
  3. I've been having seriously major writer's block. Seriously. Major.
And since I'll be away for a couple of weeks, this blog absence is just going to be prolong if I don't put a stop to it immediately. I've been wanting to do the photo blog challenge for a while now and I figured this would be the perfect time.

Hopefully some of you will also join in! :)




  1. Yay! Can't wait to read about your adventures!

  2. Girl I totally understand! Life has been crazy lately! And I just realized I never responded to your email-I suck! Will get back to you soon and can't wait to get updated on your life :)


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