March 2, 2011

My 100th Post!

I made it to my 100th post! I don't think it's so much that I can't believe it - I just never really thought about it, and it just seems so huge! 

In honour of this, I would like to honour all of YOU - fellow bloggers & readers - by showing you all off. If you haven't visited the blogs MUST! They're all fantastic in their own way!

Can't thank you all enough for making me fall even more in love with's to 100 more!



  1. woohoo! congrats on your 100th post!! and thanks for the shout-out! :)

  2. Yay for 100! Keep up the funny and witty posts!
    And thanks for the mention, I'll check some of them out :)

  3. congrats on reaching 100! keep up the great posts! :)
    also, thanks for the shout out.

  4. Thanks for the love! Congrats on the 100th post. PS-can you tell I'm catching up on my Google Reader? haha

  5. Aw! I totally missed this post until just now! Thanks for the shout out! I love your blog darlin'! Congrats on 100 posts, and I hope there's at LEAST 100 more!

  6. Well I wouldn't be here without you guys so thank YOU!!


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