March 3, 2011

Let's all wave buh-bye to #LatinLover!

I've pretty much analyzed this topic to death in my head but I should probably conclude the story of #LatinLover since I made it into somewhat of a big deal over the past month. He turned out to be pretty useless. Is that sufficient? No? Damn, ok.

As I mentioned in this post, things on my end had cooled off while he was away on his Southeast Asia trip. I tried so hard not be attached that I became pretty much entirely detached & kind of shut down to the whole situation.

Honestly, it should not be that easy because I have tried many-a-times to force myself to get over guys & it never rarely works so well. And I was supposed to actually be into this one! This was before he did things to piss me off of course.

Before going on his trip, he had asked me what I was up to the last weekend of February & proceeded to invite me to a cottage weekend trip with his friends. I was open to the idea (even though I'm kind of a princess when it comes to 'outdoors-y' things) so I told him we could talk about it when he was back.

So when he got back he obviously brought up the trip. I asked for details such as you are we even getting there? All I got was a vague, maybe, not-100%-sure answer. Umm ok - so how about you figure that out & then talk to me? K thanks.

By Wednesday these plans had gotten overly complicated & I just don’t do complicated. But what really got me was that while discussing this, he didn't respond to my texts for 4 hours. You've got to be kidding me right now. You're doing an excellent job of convincing me to come, really.

Sorry, I guess I should have sat you down from day one and explained to you that communication is the most important thing to me and shitty skills are a complete deal breaker. I have no time in my life to deal with poor communication. Especially when I know how psycho-analytical I can get - it's for my own sanity. And therefore everyone else's.

So since we're all intelligent adults here - who here thinks there's still a remote chance of me going on this cottage trip that I pretty much know nothing about? Thank you, my point exactly.

I didn't bother responding or initializing convo after that but he asked me to come over after my Bulgarian folk dancing class [which btw, I love! :D] – I said maybe because frankly, I didn't really care about seeing him.

Well Bulgarian folk dancing puts me in such a good mood, that I figured I should really give the guy a chance since he hadn't really done anything wrong and I hadn't seen him in nearly 3 weeks. Once I got there, the first things he asks me is, "So are you coming tomorrow?!"

To me this question signifies two things: 1) you are being fucking ignorant of the last 24hrs & 2) you're just plain dumb.

Both of the above are clearly true because his response to finding out I wasn't joining him was, "What?! You're not coming!?"

Honestly, I've had a long day & I'm tired. Now you're making my brain bleed. Do you think that after our discussions, or lack thereof, that transpired over the last 48 hours I would be coming? Can we FOR THE LOVE OF GOD just PLEASE watch Jersey Shore so that I can go home to bed? K thanks.

I'm fairly certain that by the end of the night he sensed something was up. Maybe he read my mind while we were cuddling & making out when I was thinking, "Wow, you could honestly just be any warm body right now & it wouldn't even matter to me. This is really not good." Either way, I left & went to bed.

The next [Friday] morning I again felt kind of bad because again - he hadn't really done anything to deserve my 'lack of enthusiasm'. Before work I texted wishing him a good day. No response. That's ok probably busy at work, whatever. After work I wished him a good weekend. No response.

And that was the case for the next 96 hours. That's 4 days by the way - more than 50% of one full week. I'm sorry, I didn't realize I was dating a little girl! Grow some fucking balls buddy & if I've hurt your feelings use your words, not immaturity, to tell me how you feel. And whatever lame way he decided to finally break the ice with doesn't even matter at this point. It's beyond over for me and mentally, I've completely moved on.

As per the advice I recently received, I should quit wasting my time and his. Done. My biggest concern right now - getting back the book I lent him.

And fighting to get back the one thing I truly want - if I even still have a chance. More on that another time.


  1. When a woman is a lady tigress best find a man with tigers blood

  2. Good for you lady! You deserve someone that you are crazy about and not someone that's just ok.

  3. At least now you can watch Jersey Shore WHENEVER YOU WANT :).

  4. Thank you Lizzie - MOST importantly i can watch JS at my leisure. Which i totally did the other day haha

    LV - I'm pumped to find someone i'm crazy about, that's the best feeling!'ll be a while lol

    JC - you bet i got #tigerblood :P


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