February 22, 2011

No smitten kittens in sight

This is a random, out-of-the-blue rant and I don't even know if I'm going to hit "publish post". If you're reading this...I obviously did.

#LatinLover is back. He got back yesterday actually and he did text me, which i'm gonna be honest - I had completely betted against. I really didn't see the need to get my hopes up. Especially...when I've been doubting how I feel. 2 weeks on followed by 2 weeks off gave me plenty of time to re-asses my feelings.

Is he a nice guy? Yes. Do i like him? I def don't dislike him. Do i like the idea of him? Yes. Do i like the idea of someone? Yeah that's most likely it. Unfortunately.

I know me.If I'm not a smitten kitten from the start, then things will most likely fizzle out. I know that sounds like I expect a lot, but really - it has happened & those have been the best flings and/or relationships regardless of their ending.

Don't get me wrong, i was intrigued when we met...but that intrigue was never really topped. It was just kind of there - chillin'. Till we finally had the chance to hang out. It was a fun date, which ended probably not how first dates should end - keep them in suspense is good advice i don't listen to - but there was none of *that*. Whatever you want to call *that*.

Now that he's back, I don't even care much to make plans with him. Except for the fact that I agreed to save all of Jersey Shore for when he got back, and since I like to keep my word, I did. Dying. To. Watch. Them. Eek!

So anyway, he's invited me to a cottage with his friends for the weekend - which is what's going to delay Jersey Shore even more! - however I'm not interested. I don't have any good excuse per se...except I just don't want to go. Plain & simple. I mean, obv i do want to see him at some point again (preferably sooner rather than later because the Jersey Shore suspense is just short of killing me) since it's probably better to  confirm the re-assessment of my feelings in person and not just on a whim.

I guess I just don't want to hurt his feelings, because he really is a nice guy. However, nice guy isn't enough. Especially for me. Let's face it #LatinLover, you've failed miserably at making me forget about #Rockstar [you'd know from the tweets the last few days], but not only that - I've been somewhat intrigued by new people that I've met. That is most definitely not a sign of a smitten kitten!
Haha I had to, too cute!

Nuff said? I think so. Rant over. God, I love this outlet.


  1. First of all I love the title of this.

    If you don't see it going anywhere don't waste your time or his lady. You should be happy and it doesn't seem like he's making you feel that way right now <3

  2. girl i am the same way! i just cant get in to the nice guy scene...

  3. Ahhh man this makes me sad. I'm with you, though, if they don't get me in the beginning, it's just not going to happen. Ever.

  4. Way to be right ladies...thanks :)


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