February 9, 2011

Mind Occupation

So how’s my withdrawal going? Excellently actually, I’ve barely noticed...until I actually start thinking about the fact that I’ve barely noticed. LOL Either way, I’m pretty proud and probably deserve a gold star.
The key is to keep my mind occupied. Obvious, I know. Plus, my ‘Master to-do list’ has gotten pretty long as of late - I kind of procrastinate a little a lot - so I decided I would focus on that. I work much better with a deadline anyway & 2 weeks isn’t that long, so nothing like a time crunch!

I’ve compiled a list of things that I would ideally like to accomplish during the time leading up to le return. Key word being ideally. It has an appropriate & very creative title of course.

Things To Do While #LatinLover is Away

1. Finally finish my blog pages & post them
2. Spice up my blog layout
3. Resume activity on 20SB
4. Learn to crochet [only mildly far-fetched]
5. Try yoga
6. Finally start going to Bulgarian folk dancing [aka make mommy proud]
7. Stop thinking about cuddling [that doesn’t count]
8. Make large dent in 1984 [seriously failing at reading lately]
9. Catch up on The Vampire Diaries [I stopped watching in November]
10. Burn the playlists I’ve been compiling
11. Dye my hair [might be hard - I'm generally allergic to hair dye :(]
12. Get a proper hair cut [I’ve been cutting my own bangs for 3 months - they are horrid]
13. Super clean my apartment
14. Go see Black Swan [DONE! so good :)]
15. Try 2 new meal recipes
16. Try at least 1 new dessert recipe
17. Go on my eliptical every (other) day [it's collecting dust in the closet]
18. Stop thinking about cuddling [Bah!]
19. Drink [potentially correlated with the above]
20. Smile & be happy :)

I’m taking bets on how many of these I actually accomplish...

…well not all at once now...


  1. I thought I posted a comment earlier. I guess it was too early in the morning. I should have known better.

    Short version: I bet 9.

    Long version: Hell, I don't even remember.

  2. Pretty good list ya got there! I gotta get back to Bikram yoga..I always say that but never go, yet I have a 10 pass. Ugh.
    I'll bet on 3/4 of the things on the list!

  3. Nameless guy - i'm intrigued by the anonymity & impressed that you picked my fave number. We shall see!

    Bree - 75%?!? You have far too much faith in me...which actually motivates me more LOL


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