February 28, 2011

I've gone Gaga!!!

Well I haven't yet, but I will be GOING (to see) Gaga...this Thursday!!! One of my best friends from high school had someone back out last minute so guess who gets the extra ticket! ME, ME, ME!

This is going to be absolutely amazing. For various reasons.
1. We both love Lady Gaga.
2. We both love to rock out in public.
3. Really, we're just awesome & together we build upon our mutual awesomeness :)

Alan & I have been friends since grade 9...that's over 10 years! We drifted & barely spoke in university, but since I've moved to the city, where he's been living for nearly 2 years now, we managed to pretty much pick up where we left off :)

So this Thursday is going to go a little bit like this:


  1. NO YOU'RE NOT!!! O-M-G!!
    I am beyond jealous..I saw her last year and she is SO AMAZING in concert.
    I looked at tickets for this concert when they went on sale last year and they were ridic expensive :(:(
    please take pics!!!
    too many exclamation points haha

  2. Jealous! I can't wait to hear all about it lady!


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