February 21, 2011

An 'A' for effort?

If you haven't read this post you may be a little bit confused. #LatinLover comes back from Southeast Asia today. I have mixed feelings. Which is an entirely different story. I'm more interested in finding out how I did with my to do list!
Things To Do While #LatinLover is Away
1. Finally finish my blog pages & post them
I'm so excited that I finally did this! Please check out the pages & let me know what you think :)
2. Spice up my blog layout
Also done! I know many of us read in Google Reader, but if you get the chance, take a look at the layout :)
3. Resume activity on 20SB
I've been reading but not participating so I need to work on that.
4. Learn to crochet
Umm hell yes! I've already half-way through my first scarf! :) 5. Try yoga
Nope, too much stuff was going on & honestly, I'm really not that interested.
6. Finally start going to Bulgarian folk dancing
I started last week & can't wait to go every week! So determined not to quit!
7. Stop thinking about cuddling
Yep I got over that.
8. Make large dent in 1984
K i quit this book. So weird & depressing & hard to get into! But I started another one & love it...check out my books page!
9. Catch up on The Vampire Diaries
Not yet, but my mom's been telling me how awesome it has gotten, so I will soon. I can only stay away from Damon Salvatore for so long...
Beautiful man.
10. Burn the playlists I’ve been compiling
I wish. My computer crashed and I spent a week trying to figure out what to do. Ultimately, I bought a new one!
11. Dye my hair
So I tried but I'm still allergic to hairdye. That's what my patch test experiment told me, which just to make sure, I tested on the inside of BOTH my arms. Let's just say it's a good thing it's winter and I can easily wear long sleeves for 2 weeks straight...I did some research though so I'm still working on a solution ;)
12. Get a proper hair cut
I've been polling people to find out where I should go & I'm going to make an appointment in the next week or so! The death of my computer ate up a lot of my free time. #excuses
13. Super clean my apartment
It was epic. Underneath my bed has never been so spotless and free of dust bunnies. And my bathtub? Fit for a princess' bath. Which I plan on indulging in :P
14. Go see Black Swan
Needless to say, this movie did not disappoint & Natalie Portman was spectacular! Highly recommend.
15. Try 2 new meal recipes
Didn't get to this :( But I've got some recipes picked out for this week's dinners! I'll let you know if any of them are any good!
16. Try at least 1 new dessert recipe
I prefer to make deserts for special occasions...
17. Go on my eliptical every (other) day
Between freaking out about #LatinLover (I was at that stage) and what the heck I was going to do about my dead computer, I really didn't have the energy for this. However, theoretically, this would have helped clear my head...oops.
18. Stop thinking about cuddling
Very successful. Too successful I may want to say. To the point where I'm questioning it all.
19. Drink
How do I explain this success? Of a $150 drinking budget, I have less than $20 left and there's still a week left of Feburary. Ya it'll be coming out of groceries. I may or may not love to go out for drinks with my co-workers.
20. Smile & be happy :)
Once I got over the boy+computer drama in my head, life was good & I'm happy about how my life went these past two weeks. Everything happens for a reason!

50% if you don't count the double cuddling. Clearly I'll try harder next time. Happy Family or President's Day...hope you had the day off like me! :)


  1. Love the new pages and the layout and you definitely made some good progress on the list!

  2. Yoga is pointless - just remove it :)

  3. Thanks LV!...you're like Vegas ;) haha I thought i'd do better b/c those were all realistic! Next time. I really enjoyed this timed to do list.

    Ha thanks Lizzie - I've been saying "i should try it" for nearly 2 years. Clearly I just don't care. I'm quitting lol

  4. 50% eh? Is that more than 9? The batteries are dead in my calculator as well as my brain.


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