February 7, 2011

Baby it's cold outside!

For those who haven't noticed, it's winter. And if you haven't noticed, you're one ignorant douche. Sorry. It's true. No excuses. I mean, it's not like the media hasn't been bombarded with the likes of:


I could go on because I love hashtags. But I won't. Anyway - unless you live in a bubble, you know this has been a real winter.

Best cure for this miserable weather? Snuggling. Obv. And since I am being robbed of cuddling for the next 3 weeks because someone wanted to go on a life-changing adventure to Southeast Asia, I figure I could at least share some snuggling-awesomeness with y'all. Don't worry, I won't come over and use you as my cuddling replacement. Wait...would you be ok with that?!

Last week, Kiley at Hello Kiley was lovely enough to share her discovery of the Snuggie Sutra. Make sure you go check out her blog too!

I don't own a Snuggie - nor do I plan on investing in one, because my apartment is already a fucking sauna - but I would love, love, love to hear about any attempts to make one or more of the above happen. Yes, this is a formal challenge.

Ready, set...SNUGGLE!


  1. I've been trying to get #snowtoriousBIG to catch on. So far no luck.

  2. bahahahhaha i frickin' love the snuggie sutra! good find!

  3. I guessed the media would overhype that "storm". It's not that I'm psychic, or even particularly intelligent, it's just that they always do these days. I still think "snowblivion" was my favourite though.

    PS: something about that picture made me think of papa smurf being involved. Must be all that red and blue. Truly disturbing.

  4. Leanna - that's a super good one! Keep trying...i think we're probably going to have another snow storm before the end :(

    Vik - ya so ridiculously creative, who comes up with this shit?!?!

    Anonymous - omg hilar re: papa smurf! and so so dirtyyyy


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