January 28, 2011

Foto Friday

I'm not a fan of all-inclusive vacas, but Tahiti Paradise sure is somethin' else ...*sigh*


January 22, 2011

Happy 1 Year BeBe!

Yes, that would be happy anniversary to my lovely Blackberry Curve - named BeBe - who has been loyally by my side for the last year. I couldn't have asked for a better piece of technology to share my life with.

We've been through so much together - fantastic bbm convos, over-tweeting of epic proportions, any info at my finger tips, happy emails & sad emails, and even a 2-month separation while I was in Europe.

*Cheers to many more BeBe!*

So just how crazy am I to adore my Blackberry so much? All opinions welcome, I won't take offence :)

January 21, 2011

January 19, 2011

Twittens? Twittens!

So where the heck was this amazing invention when I was making my Christmas wishlist?! It would have been #1 on my list for sure!

Warmth & efficiency - amazing.
In case you didn't know, I love Twitter/tweeting. This post kind of proves that. Therefore Twittens would for sure maximize my tweeting outside in the winter. And bbm-ing, because who am I really kidding here - i love doing everything on my Blackberry!

So...what gift-giving holiday is coming up next? Think I can pull this request off for Valentine's Day? Maybe. But having a Valentine is pre-requisite I think...

January 18, 2011


I've been meaning to post this for a while but clearly I'm not the greatest at time management. I've got post ideas but I just need to find the time and energy to properly put them on the screen!

But in the meantime, I don't want to get disconnected from all of you - readers, followers & follow bloggers - so I'd love to hear from you via twitter (@daniela_k) or email (dkeverydayblog@gmail.com) if there's something you want to share or know more about. It can be blog-related, life-related, or anything at all!

This probably seems kind of corny but seriously - I'd love to hear from you if you've got something to say :)

January 17, 2011

Golden Globes Tweet-cap!

I am currently re-living the Golden Globes highlights on ETCanada! which thankfully mostly consist of Ricky Gervais' epic wittiness. Since most of you may have been busy enjoying the wonderful weather watching other things last night, I'm happy to re-post my play-by-play tweets here. So the Coles Notes version if you will. You're welcome.

 is the funniest man alive. For real.
Seriously, he is the man. Proven by the following video...

Dear , your hair looks like shit. Probs why Ryan is divorcing you. Your dress isn't much better. 
Really, that hair? And those "sleeves"? I would have expected more. Plus, I think Ryan Reynolds deserves better. Like Sandra! ;)

Christian Bale is British??? Wow hahah i had noooo idea :P I need to see 'The Fighter' 
I hear great things about this movie. Didn't Christian Bale used to be a washed up actor until...pretty much this movie came along?

She's always a miss. Consistenly. RT @: Julianne Moore opts for a bright pink satin gown. Hit or miss?
There's been worse. But why this woman cannot learn to dress appropriately for her (pretty) red hair [and age] is beyond me.
OMG my night is complete -  just made an appearance. <3 <3 
I used to want Bruce Willis to be my dad. Yep, still do. Then Ashton Kutcher would kind of be my step-dad too.  Could lead to some awesomely awkward moments. ;)

I will never get over how good Beyonce looks as a blonde. I know - off topic. But so so true!!
OK, how does she pull it off?! So awesome. Moving on...
If Social-fucking-Network wins anything, imma be pissed. Down with fucking .
I really spoke too soon on this one. But I do hate facebook.

OMG more awesomeness -  is here. I love this classic man, he's just so amazing. <3 <3 
I love classic actors! And old men apparently. But he does look awesome for 60+. Minus the botox =/

WHY and how is Tilda Swinton so fucking creepy all.the.time!!!???!?  Also -  has seriously lost his touch.

That's a talent in itself. She always looks the same. And I always fear nightmares afterwards. And I respect old Al Pacino, but lately - where's your golden touch?!

 looks fantastic. So sleek and classic. ladies could take pointers from her for sure. 

Nuff said

Ummmm when did  get so drop dead gorgeous??? Is he younger than me? That's ok, i like babies. 
Thankfully Bree filled me in that he's 23!

@ Really, 23?? Fantastic. Esp now that Vanessa-the-skank-Hudgens is outta the way. Oh ya my turn. I said that about Jake too lol
That would be Jake of the Gyllenhaal variety. What can I say - I'm not picky about my hott celeb men.

After the 2nd win by The Social Network:
@ obv I'm doing a terrible job paying attention. Was eye candy presenting that? That's prob the reason.
Again with the hott man distraction *sigh*

Awwww  is getting lifetime achievement from...so so wonderful!! <3
Two old(ish) men that I love! Yesssss. And both so funny.

Who's crying right now? I know i am.  
So well-deserved, he's just amazing <3

Nooooo fucking way. There were much better directors than freaking social network. 
Let's get real here - this movie won over Black Swan / The King's Speech / The Fighter/ INCEPTION!! Unacceptable. I'm really hating facebook by this point.

Really, tweeny  won over legit shows...sometimes the fact that this shit is rigged is just so obvious. 
I'm actually sure that Glee has its merits but not over 30 Rock / Big Bang Theory / The Big C / Nurse Jackie / Modern Family. Have you seen 30 Rock? Unending laughter.

Bet i know who dressed .... Am i right?? ;) 
She wore a corset with a beach wrap.
And 's speech is awesome too!! RT @: yaaa natalie portman!! obvi black swan won!
Finally a legit win. This girl's a fantastic actress and doesn't take herself too seriously. She definitely called out her fiance's desire to sleep with her during her speech. LOL! Plus, she's the cutest little prego lady :)
After stupid The Social Network won for best movie...
@ Inception was really great too! And SERIOUSLY wtf?!? Did they replace the critics with 20Yr-old frat boys?!? This is fucking ridic
What my tweet says. Whatever. #fuckfacebook.

I'm sure you all read/saw other Golden Globes coverage so I'm really interested to know who and what you liked/disliked!!! Sharing time :)

January 14, 2011

Foto Friday

The only thing I want on cold days like these...

January 9, 2011

Bath time!

You know what doesn't get enough credit? Bathtime. At least from me. Sure it was fun back in the day, but who on earth has the time for baths these days?! Not I. Or so I thought.

I had a friend in University who adored baths. Back then I think it was even more baffling that she'd find the time to take baths. I spent most of my time in class or in the library. Granted, napping somtimes a lot. But this girl not only found the time to nap, she got really pretty creative.

In our last semester, her townhouse only had a stand-up shower. To me, that's a pretty big deterrent for just not taking a bath. Not her. Using a wash cloth to plug the drain and assuming the fetal position is apparently an enjoyable bath. The bathroom may or may not have flooded a couple of times. Also acceptable.

You know when we push our luck and succeed and then want to push our luck even more? Exactly. So during yet another bath, bath-loving friend decides that she'd try to fill up her shower to her neck (sitting down not standing don't worry guys LOL) Yet another success. Until the drainage.

Long story short - the plumbing was overwhelmed and and flooded space between the 1st and 2nd floor and short-circuited the smoke detectors that would not stop going off until the landlord came to cut it off. Amazing. The most amazing part is that aside from myself and select few individuals that did not reside there, no one really knows what happened. The landlord called it the 'flood mystery.' We just know someone loves baths a liiiiiiiiiiiiittle bit too much!

Anyway, back to me. I discovered baths a week ago. WHAT? How did I not know what I had been missing out on?! And especially relaxing with a nice book. However, someone please enlighten me as to how attain this level of bubbles:
So am I the only crazy one to not know how awesome baths are?!

January 7, 2011

Foto Friday

Despite failing to have mentioned this, another 2011 goal of mine is to be a better and more consistent blogger. So I'm going to try to adhere to doing a post like this every Friday. I don't really have any rules for this - it can be any awesome pics I come across on the internet, personal pics or just whatever happens to make my heart happy. With minimal wordage :P

So without further ado...

I've been waiting a year for this premier. Hank Moody is pretty much my dream man, in a strange way. Adoration. <3

January 3, 2011

Best. Sign. Ever.

It`s allllllllll about the animals.

January 2, 2011

2011, Here I Come!

New Year's resolutions...what can I say, I've never really made any. I think it's my dislike of the word "resolution", it's just too strong. 'To resolve oneself to something' gives the sense of epic proportions of commitment and obligations. And these happen to be two of the things I hate most.

However, I'm all for setting goals. I'm known to make lists for things I want to get done for the day, the week, etc, so it makes sense to think more long-term. Like a 365-day term.

But let's not call them resolutions - icky - I may be more inclined to use one of the following terms:

  • accomplishments (kind of assumes you're already done)
  • aspirations (feels inspirational but pretty corny)
  • aim (somewhat violent & gun-oriented)
  • targets (sounds like I'm trying to hit sales $, I get enough of that at work; also kind of violent)
  • objectives (too professional)
  • missions (I feel like Tom Cruise)
Ok so the English language may be lacking in that one term that has a je ne sais quoi so I'll stick to goals.

In 2011, there are several goals that I would like to successfully complete for the sole purpose of making myself happy & proud of *me*. I'm like a mom...to myself hahaha The ultimate success of these goals will likely result in warm & fuzzy feelings (you know i love those) and too many gifts to myself at Christmas time.

ANYWAY, here they are in no particular order:
  1. READ MORE! I've actually seen this on several people's lists & it's a good one. Too many technological distractions have caused me to lose precious free time which I would have normally spent curled up with a book. Since I plan on becoming a hermit this winter season, I think there will be plenty of time for me to rekindle that love. Step 1 - go to library this week & get a card. Step 2 - Reading suggestions please! :)
  2. I really need to exercise. Losing weight is one thing, I prefer not to focus on this, but I am just so out of shape & lacking in stamina. If I had to run for my life, I would really not bother with the running part. The funny thing is, this goal is really easy - all I need to do is pull the eliptical that I already own out of the closet where it's been sitting ever since I moved! Starting with 15 minutes each morning, I'll work my way up :)
  3. Hand in hand with that, and also on a lot of people's lists, is to be healthier. Which also should theoretically not be too difficult. I just love the shit out of chocolate & sweets. Like, we-should-get-married love. I don't eat out too often and I always bring my own lunch to work because I'm budget conscientious, but my portions are way out of whack. Probably due to the fact that I eat with my eyes, not my stomach.
  4. THIS IS SO DELICIOUS! I want three servings. And I will eat them all until I am full. Or die. Whichever comes first.
  5. I rarely admit this, but I need to be more aware of my level of anger about random things & not sweat the small stuff. In all honesty, it's a little bit baffling that I haven't had an ulcer *knock on wood*. I really need to get some life stuff figured out & let go of some baggage in order to enjoy life more. And quit regretting things!
Here's to doing my best to accomplish these 4 simple goals in 2011! *cheers*

January 1, 2011

Happy 2011!

Since Google always says it best, I'll let them do the honours...

All the best to you & your families in 2011!