December 9, 2010

Someone Thinks I'm Stylish!

My second blog award! First i'm lovely, now i'm STYLISH?!

Big big thank you to Leanna of OMG I Moved to NYC who's blog entertains me endlessly while reading about her NYC adventures and antics. I demand you check it out, she will not disappoint! And I guess we're kind of the same - I did recently move to the NYC of Canada, Toronto. Or so TO likes to think of itself haha

So I am now tasked with sharing 7 pieces of random information about myself before passing this on to 3 other Stylish bloggers. Talk about effort! Kidding, I'd love to!

  1. I love day planners. One of the most exciting things I do at the end of each year is choose next year's "little book of life things". For 2010 it was a red snakeskin one with gold-edged pages. I was getting a little sad when my search for a 2011 one was looking pretty bad until I went to Indigo-Chapters [the Canadian version of Borders] and found a super awesome collection! Now I'm just trying to decide which personal little Christmas gift :)

  2. I love making lists. Of all kinds. That includes jotting down reminders in my day planner. Thing is that I'm much better at writing shit down than I am at reading/following it. Usually just writing it down causes me to remember (a little bit of a photographic memory) and I never really have to go back to it. I have piles of lists all over my desk at work and shoved in my day planner that just never get read.

  3. I love tv. It's pretty ridiculous. If there is one tired bone in my body, you bet i'm giving up anything and everything social to go home and watch some of my faves. I have a whole new respect for the internet since streaming started. Who needs expensive PVRs when you've already got the internet! :)

  4. I have serious issues with authority. I just hate being obligated and confined by others telling me what to do, or what i can/can't do. That includes laws. Sure they tell you they're there to protect us, but really - they just often get in my way. I won't go into details, this blog is public. ;)

  5. Building on what Leanna said I love watching things live whether it be sports or music. The adrenaline of a real live NHL game is like no other!! *Go Habs Go* And although I've really only been to one arena-size concert [AC/DC so amazing] I have plans for many more, & live local bands are so much fun!! After all, it is where I met my Rockstar [who is no longer in my life but that's hardly the point...]

  6. I love being foreign. And despite being out of my home country for over 20 years now, and in Canada for over 17 [I lived in Germany in between], I still like to pull the "idk I'm foreign" card. Hahahaha But I do have a different interpretation of a lot of things, and culturally I still follow all of my Bulgarian traditions which I plan on passing onto my little spawns [if those beings ever come out].

  7. Travelling is the greatest thing ever. It's probably b/c so much of my life is linked to Europe [family in Bulgaria & doing my exchange in Germany 2 years ago], but i absolutely love love love being there!!! I've also got a bunch of major US spots that I want to visit in the near future! NYC, Cali & Vegas are at the top :)
There you have it. 7 random things you probably never cared to know about me, but have now been exposed to. It's been a long week, don't judge lol

And now I must praise the stylishness of 3 other bloggers...
  1. Bree @ simply.girly - She's just such a happy girl, I love reading her blog b/c I always makes me smile :) It's also so much fun to share our different experiences about living in Toronto!!

  2. Rach @ How Fickle Is Woman - Where to start? This gal has a fantastic writing style and a ridiculous amount of entertaining stories to share! My fave is when we realize we have the craziest things in common!

  3. Lilly @ A Pre-Life Crisis - This is one of the newer blogs I've been following but I love the writing and her sense of humour! Plus, reading her dating stories makes me feel a little bit better about my own single-20something antics!
Definitely make a point of checking out these 4 awesome ladies - they're amazing bloggers!

Thanks for the love y'all <3


  1. Hey! Very cute blog! I'm glad I stumbled across it =)


  2. Well thank you thank you! I don't know if I'll be so happy today after I make my 1275778th trip out for some shopping. Thus far, I have found nothing-and I hate dealing with the crowds!! I am determined to get SOMEONE's gift done today..ugh wish me luck :P

  3. Very nice blog.

    As I'm new to blogging, how one gets awards, who are the judges?

    Cheers from Barcelona,


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