December 18, 2010

Mini Christmas Wishlist

So as I mentioned, this year my Christmas spirit has been lacking largely due to gift-block [it's like writer's block]. I have never ever left Christmas shopping this late. By this time, my gifts are wrapped and under the tree!!! Not so this year.

But i've also had a hard time sharing my wish list with others - aka my mom & cousin, who are the only ppl that buy for me LOL But here's some of the things I've been thinking about.

I decided I want a holster for my Blackberry. My Curve is the only one that doesn't just come with one and that's just not cool. I've decided on this one.

And because my cousin is so awesome, I already know I'm getting it & I'm super duper pumped!! :)

Next I would also like a pair of black leather gloves. B/c they're classy. And I'm classy. Ok fine - I try to be. These will just help my cause!

Also, since my constant goal is to start exercising more at all, I would also like a yoga mat.
And that's it! I know - doesn't give my poor mom much to work with :( The problem is that a lot of the other things I want need right now I need to pick up myself. But at the same time, I don't like getting money - gift cards it really really depends - because I want to be surprised! Lose/lose sitch. Bleh.

How do you guys feel about receiving money/gift cards for Christmas?
Is the element of surprise important to you?


  1. I'm practically begging for money this year. Gifts and surprises are wonderful but I've got student loan payments! haha

  2. I actually really like those gloves too and I usually don't like gloves..
    I don't mind receiving money and/or gift cards at all.

  3. Aaaaah i know! I've been so conflicted. I'd love to have extra cash to put towards my expenses (nowadays) however I can't get over the element of surprise & the whole gift exchange!
    In the end...I'm feeling it's worth it :)

  4. I didn't have a very exciting list this year either. My mom kept saying, "There must be SOMETHING else you want!" Hope you get the gloves though...definitely classy!

  5. I saw really nice leather gloves (black, yellow, purple, blue and white) at Nordstrom and they're below $60! :)


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