December 5, 2010

Frenchie, part 4

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Eventually i had to get rough with Frenchie. And probably not the kind of rough he would have preferred. After asking him to leave me alone at yet another party he insisted on drunkenly pulling me aside and acting like an asshole. Which resulted in my yelling:
"Fuck off! Fuck off! Fuck off!"

That certainly got his attention. And everyone else's - everyone turned to watch. Oops. But problem solved :) Even i can't believe it had to end this way but i had been beyond patient with this guy.

When i got home, this was waiting for me on Facebook:
Frenchie November 6, 2008 at 7:56pm
ya daniela...i think you misanderstood smthg when i wanted to explain u the thing...i just wanted to say say u that we could be friends b.c. i just mean i would not care if you want to have other relation with other guies...i actually want to go out with a german girl and NOT with don't be afraid when i speak to u and don't imagine that the the world turns around you!!!
so have a good night!!! and don't think too much...!!!

I told you this was a learning experience - i was one step closer to finding out that 'the world does not turn around me'. Who knew?

Also, i am not insulted that you don't want to date me. Really, don't worry. Nor am I 'afraid' of you. Just bloody annoyed as shit.

The following is a letter that my friend from home wrote on my behalf, which in hindsight i wish i had actually sent to Frenchie! *evil laugh*


How’s it going today? Since our talk the other day I’ve been thinking a lot and can’t believe how stupid you are. I am not sure if it is because you are French, male or just simply an idiot. However, your only use to me was as a rebound from a previous relationship and that need is now satisfied. Perhaps if you were not quite as dumb as you are we could have continued to make out casually. In fact, you might have been able to sleep with me. Let me tell you, you are missing out. Please change your facebook status as we were never anything and now we are less than that. 

Au Reviour,


By this time i was so over it though and way more enthralled with my flirtatious relations with my Edward. We had a great time in November, but once December and exams hit there were no more parties and no more flirting :(

At the official going away party, i ended up finding out that the message which Frenchie's roomie had relayed at the Halloween party was that Frenchie wanted to "take this outside" and fight Edward. BAHAHAHAHA Are you serious?! He would crush you. But he'd be crushing you for me, so i would have been down with that. ;)

In the end, i regret nothing. It was a hilarious experience, and although frustrating, makes for a pretty good story. I hope you've enjoyed! To anyone planning on going away anywhere - take those experiences in & let loose. A little bit - don't get arrested though.

But i still felt more relieved when Frenchie went back to being single in January. Oh yeah, he waited that long.


  1. Oh wow that guy is such a fool!

  2. oh my g! the same exact thing happened to me so fucking annoying


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