December 20, 2010

Dear Readers: XO

Lately I've realized that I kind of enjoy my bloggy friends - that's you folks! - more than spending time with the real-life friends I see on a regular basis.

There's something off, and I always leave those interactions with a bad taste in my mouth. However I always feel happy when reading your posts & getting your lovely comments!

So I just wanted to document some love RIGHT BACK AT YA! :)



  1. Oh you're a cutie! I love following your blog. Blog friends are the greatest!!


  2. I feel the same way! Plus I don't seem to attract as many male creepers in the blog world as I do in real life!

  3. Definitely feel the same sometimes! I was going through twitter and saw yours last night when I was half asleep, that really sucks...

  4. Aww that's sweet :) I feel the same sometimes, blogger friends can be so much more positive and supportive xxx


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