November 1, 2010

Welcome to me, TO!

Goooooood afternoon from my new location! In case you are wondering - i'm LOVING IT! Except i just had THE craziest weekend known to man.

Wake up early & pile all my crap into truck.
Drive 2hrs to new place.
Unload all my crap.
Wonder why i chose the 14th floor? [sshh 13th i know]
Be thankful i'm close to the elevator though.
Have daddy & uncle put up curtain rods across impossible windows. [THANK YOU!]
Change phone number - 4yrs together, i'll miss you old one!
Have awesome friends help me put together my furniture with some vino & pizza :)
Realized my [super extra heavy & impossible to carry] IKEA coffee table was damaged :(
Pass out.

Realize i don't have milk for coffee or cereal.
Had an epiphany - i can boil water ON THE STOVE for tea & oatmeal!
Tackled the unpacking that is my closet & bathroom! [i'm never going shopping again]
Freaked out b/c time flew by & i needed to get ready for Halloween!
Came home after a night out in TO - so weird!

Wait forever in IKEA exchanges - but whatta smooth exchange it was!
Buy loads of IKEA stuff. This is my receipt:
I won't tell you how much, but there's been more expensive trips!
Buy loads of stuff at Walmart too.
Make 5 trips from parking garage to apartment to bring it all in.
Be thankful for nice neighbour guy who helped me carry my [super extra heavy & impossible to carry] IKEA coffee table to the elevator.
Spend 30 minutes figuring out how to work my new IKEA can openner.
EAT delicious clam chowder :)
Unpack more things i purchased & put together coffee table.
Unwind with my Sunday night TV & joy @ accomplishing so much this weekend! :)

And here i am today. Being pretty lazy actually, but i'll tackle the knick knacks tomorrow. The place looks great but the walls are pretty bare. I'll update once it's a bit cleaned up but i leave you now with today's view from my balcony :)


  1. awesome! so glad the move went well for ya!

  2. im a whore for ikea.... effing love it.

  3. ty ty :)

    Paige - i love that place WAY too much than is good for my health. And their frozen yogurt. Damn.


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