November 10, 2010

Stupid does have more fun!

Ooooooooooh! Before I came up with this title (in 2 seconds flat) i always wondered why i lived with so many regrets. Makes sense now.

I don't usually pay attention to marketing campaigns. My philosophy is that no matter how much money a company wastes spends on their marketing and advertising, it will not make me want to buy their product more. B/c it doesn't create a need. And i have too much common sense for it to create an unnatural want. [Usually.]

But this, i love.
I've seen a few of these in my fashion mags and it really really got me. If you go to this site, you'll see a lot more. No wonder Diesel's 'Be Stupid' won an award!

Speaking of stupid having more fun, I discovered a hilarious video on the lovely Leanna's blog OMG I moved to NYC (GO GIVE HER BLOG LOVE NOW!) about a show called Lake Shore - the Jersey Shore of Toronto. Epic.

Once you watch it, you will wonder why these people are trying so hard to imitate the greatness of Jersey Shore. Sadly, that's them au naturel. What it is, is them trying really hard to "properly" represent their nationality, and avoiding being "too Canadian". This Bulgarian-Canadian is (very rarely) guilty of this as well. I'm pretty foreign & pretty integrated all at the same time - it's a fine line. And if i had an IQ of 5 i'd probably (want to) be on this show too! But alas, i'll leave the (making a fool of oneself on television & the internet) fun to the stupids :)


  1. very cool ad, i like them sometimes when they're well done... or you know have half naked women, whatever works

  2. oh love the pic! That's awesome. :D I'm leaving in less than a week!! I'm super psyched LOL- I'll be staying in Denmark for 7months to 1year. So it's a big move! :)

  3. Thanks for the shout out lady! Once this show starts we will definitely have to discuss the episodes haha

  4. Daniela!
    You are now in my googlereader so I can read all of your posts at a super fast rate! YOU ARE AMAZING!

    Thanks for the halloween shout out! <3

  5. Maybe stupid does have more fun, but stupid wakes up 20 years later with 8 kids, no alimony, and loan sharks knocking at her door...I'm just sayin'...

  6. Glad we all agree with "be stupid"...LOL

    Sandra - haha true...hence the having regrets. I just can't bring myself to do truly dumb stuff, idk what it is! LOL


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