November 7, 2010

Oh 80s, How I Love You

I love the 80s. Everything about them. It has bred the majority of my favourite music and movies, not to mention some great TV shows.

There's something about listening to that music and watching those movies that gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling. A feeling that nothing else gives me. I don't really think anyone gets it. But i'm so OK with that.

This warm and fuzzy feeling is usually accompanied by tears, but i wouldn't have it any other way! I'm an emotional gal, whattaya want?! :)

Of course I can't not give you some of my top faves, in no particular order:
- Dirty Dancing <3 [and soundtrack]
- Classic Bon Jovi
- Sixteen Candles
- The Breakfast Club
- Baywatch
- the Tom Cruise we all actually liked
- Overboard
- When Harry Met Sally
- so many random songs it'd make your head spin

I will leave you with one of the songs i LOVE & a classic 80s movie i hadn't seen until tonight which inspired this post...


  1. I LOVE that song!!! I love the 80's too. I was born in 85' so I remember the 80's a lil bit. The movies are so classic. Dirty Dancing, Overboard & The Breakfast Club were my faves! =)

  2. :D The 80's are the best.

    "Footloose" isn't on your list? That's my fave! Kevin Bacon in the 80's = HAWT

  3. OMG I can't believe you had never seen Top Gun! Val Kilmer makes me hot every time I see this movie. I wish I could insert myself into the shirtless volleyball game scene and rub my hands all over Val's abs. Oops did I say that out loud?

    Also, I just realized that you are from Canada and I feel like a total tard because for some weird reason I thought you were from Florida! I was trying to figure out what city TO is and then I saw someone else's comment about Toronto. Ohhhhhhh. I am really not the sharpest knife in the drawer sometimes. And I am trying to figure out why I thought you were from Florida haha!

  4. Thanks for bringing back the 80's memories! I loved sixteen candles and Dirty Dancing!

  5. Love 80's music!! Overboard is an awesome movie. Incredibly funny and cute. :D

  6. Lauren - aaaah don't hate me, 'Footloose' slipped my mind!! They're remaking it, did you know that?! It makes me want to vomit. A lot.

    Rach - bahaha idk Val with his bleach blonde 'do didn't really do it for me but in Batman...i have to stop there.

    LMAO i also have NO idea why you thought i'd be from Florida...i can't remember if i mentioned Niagara in my older posts but that's where I grew up for the most part. And now i'm in Toronto, yes haha :)

    Career Girl & Emy - they really do not make movies like that anymore, as cliche as it sounds!!


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