November 21, 2010

Great Start to my Birthday Week!

My Birthday is a big deal to me, always has been. I've always declared a Birthday week, which never seizes to make my dad roll his eyes. He apparently thought that i was going to grow out of it.

Well that's what makes me said...I think i might. I haven't counted down this year or made a gift wish list or felt hugely excited. Not to mention i made my birthday event barely a week beforehand. Sad. Brings a tear to my eye. But i blame the big move for the distraction!

I've been getting more excited this weekend. Spent most of it with my awesome friend JD [she's off blog record]. On Saturday we went to IKEA - a highly dangerous place for us. She bought this picture:
We spent a good 30 minutes maneuvering this into my car. Phew. Then I spent the evening catching up on my missed Grey's episodes. Lame, i know. But i was oh so tired! But more importantly - WTF is going on with Cristina?!?! I don't even want to go there actually...

Today we hit the Santa Clause Parade which was pretty fun! It wasn't as freezing as I had expected & once I managed to slowly make my way to the edge of the sidewalk, I had some prime picture-taking real estate! :)

Here are a few shots:
33 days till Christmas, in case you're wondering.
Santa is coming!

Don't worry Santa, my list is already in the mail.

The Swarovski Christmas Tree @ the Mall
I may or may not have also shopped a bit. But only good deals i promise! Plus, I haven't shopped for myself in over a month! Ever since I started shopping solely for this apartment. It's my Birthday week. I deserve gifts from my myself - just some cute tops, a dress & some accessories :)

But as for Christmas, that doesn't start till December 1st in this household! I've been buying some decorations and I'm so excited for my Christmas kick-off night!

Hope you all had a great weekend!

PS: I'm working on this work/blog balance thing, I promise!!! xo


  1. You were way close to Santa! And with where you were location wise, I'm very surprised. I imagine it was an absolute zoo there! I have basically the exact same picture on my phone..haha it's totally necessary. I was at the mall with Dylan on Saturday and I'm like 'wait! I need to take a picture even though I get one every year and it looks the same!"

  2. THANK YOU! I thought I was the only one that has a birthday week.. all my friends think its silly but its not! birthdays are important :) x

  3. I'm all about the birthday week and since I was actually born on christmas my birthday week goes from christmas to new years. So many lost brain cells...

  4. I saw that picture at Ikea a few weeks ago and was so close to grabbing it myself. I passed on it though because I knew there wouldn't be room in the car for it.

    That's Swarovski tree is beautiful! Happy birthday :)


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