November 17, 2010

Frenchie, part 3

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So i started reading Twilight b/c it was way more entertaining than reading my notes. I won't lie, i really really enjoyed the books. The story and everything was great until i started picturing these two douches as the main characters:
If you're a big reader like myself (not counting the fact that i haven't picked up a book in months!) you know how you subconsciously create the characters' appearance. Part of the fun of reading :) They ruined it. ANYWAY...

Well, this one day i'm waiting for a friend to finish class and who walks into the own personal Edward. Seriously. Exactly how I had pictured him & wanted him to be! He had just walked right by me! Who was this boy i had never noticed before?!

I dug around for some dirt & it turned out Swiss Edward was maintaining a long-distance relationship. But Switzerland isn't just another area code, it's another country! And it's not even part of the EU so that practically makes them a different continent. Or planet. I'm terrible, i know this.

I got my first chance at an interaction when we headed to the local bar one random weeknight. By the time we got there i had already polished off a bottle of wine but nothing stops me. Long story short, the mutual flirting was on max. Higher than max, whatever that measurement is.

Leading up to Halloween, i ran into his friend & asked them what their costume plans were. He wasn't sure about his but Swiss was going to be a *dun dun dunnnn* you got it - VAMPIRE! It was a sign, and no one could convince me otherwise! NO ONE!

This Catwoman was ready for a challenge!
Don't worry, Frenchie is still a part of this. I saw him at a neighbour's flat before going to the Halloween pre-drink and he was going as a white Bob Marley. He had pretty much established himself as a pothead by this time so that wasn't a shocker. I ignored him like he really didn't exist. He definitely did not like that.

Within 5 minutes of walking into the pre-drink, my Edward had spotted me. He looked great. I felt great. Lust.

Why am i not an actress?
If i start telling you how much fun we had owning the dancefloor i'm going to get all distracted.  It was fun. Of course his one gal friend didn't hide her distaste but fuck her.

Enter: Frenchie. WHOA what happened to white Marley? B/c now you're face-painted as a CAT! I'm Catwoman, you can't do that! THIEF!

The thief part should have been the least of my concerns. I couldn't help but notice the glares and starting from the corner of my eye. And on at least one occasion he tried to come and dance with me when Swiss Edward was further away.

NO DICE! Remember how i REALLY SUPER DUPER dislike you?! Ya, that hasn't changed. A girl's gotta go to the bathroom though so off i went, all by myself.

Conveniently, SwissEdward's said gal friend was also in the bathroom.

A: So...aren't you Frenchie's girlfriend?
D: Umm no! That's a big misunderstanding. I was never his girlfriend and we are not together.
A: [not convinced] Ooooh ok. B/c i know you are dancing with Swiss Edward a lot...
D: Ya i'm not Frenchie's girlfriend, but he won't listen to me when i tell him that i'm not interested.
A: [seems like she believed me] Oh well ok, i was just wondering b/c it was a bit strange.

You know what's a bit strange?!?! YOU French people's interpretation of EVERYTHING! Holy crap. Butt out of my life already!!!

Well that was a pleasant bathroom break. It wasn't over. As i was walking back, Frenchie snuck up on me and cornered me yet again! Some bullshit about needing to talk to me blah blah blah. I don't want to talk to you! i told him. All i want to do is get back to my Swiss Edward [and grind up on his fabulous fit body]. I got angry and pried myself away, warning him to stay away from me and went back to my Halloween candy.

Now the staring and glaring intensified. All of a sudden, Frenchie's little roommate girl comes up to Edward and starts whispering in his ear. He responds with a smirk. I caught on real fast. She was a messenger.

D: "Listen - you go back and tell Frenchie to leave me alone b/c this is NONE of his business. And don't act like a highschool idiot as well by being his fucking messenger."

[Exchange folks were always a little taken aback with my fast and fluent English, especially when i was angry and swearing. It was entertaining lol]

She walked away & Swiss Edward turned his gorgeous green eyes to me & said, "We're allowed to dance, no?" *sexy smirk smile*
I turned into one of these instantly.
Best Halloween ever. And i was pretty sure that Frenchie was now gone for good! Bonus!

But was he? ... ;)

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  1. ooooh love the cliffhanger! even though i've heard this story first-hand i still read it with such interest, it's funny! no, hilarious actually. because i'm sitting here LOL-ing by myself.


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