November 8, 2010

Frenchie, part 2

For part 1, go here.

After Frenchie's little "listed in a relationship" shenanigans without consulting me, I still needed to clean up this mess b.c i didn't want to be that girl in the exchange community. So back to PMs it was:

Daniela October 6, 2008 at 5:38pm
ok so i don't think you really understood before when I was trying to explain that I am not looking for something serious. by that i mean that i am not looking for anything at all with anyone. like what happened was just random and nothing major. I apologize if you got the wrong impression about this but it’s really nothing and I’m sorry if you thought something else.
Frenchie October 7, 2008 at 5:24am
ok but i think you misanderstood too.
first, i think you go too far for just one thing on facebook because for me, we are just together at oestrich-winkel and that´s all.
secondly, who told you that i was looking for something serious???
Nobody! (i don´t know what you imagine...) That´s just your you don´t have to apologize because maybe we have a different meaning of the word "in a relationship" because for "normal people" that DOES NOT mean at all that it is serious.
so i think that you go too far for a thing that is not worth!
i thought we could just take some time together but apparently I am wrong...

In hindsight, i'm mildly insulted that he didn't think i was worth his interpretation of "serious". However my jaw dropped at the fact that i was considered abnormal. Really? To "normal" people, announcing to the world that you're now in some kind of relationship is a pretty big deal. No?

I don't even want to get into the number of questions I had to fend off about me being his girlfriend. Annoying. Bah.

Sidenote: During my sober interactions prior to this status change, i had him watch Wedding Crashers. He didn't find it funny. I should have known then.

Another week or so later, we were at a party and i was seriously avoiding him & trying to have a good time. Just before i left, he cornered me to argue his point and tried to convince me that i was crazy about my 'serious relationship' talk. CORNERED! I hate being embarrassed in public like that.

I didn't even have a response b/c frankly i could not care less! I just kind of nodded and said "whatever". And only then did he return the earrings i had forgotten at his house. Whatta jerk.

Don't get me wrong - it wasn't so much the relationship status itself (i know we take that Facebook shit too seriously), but the principal behind it and the vehement denial. I just found it disrespectful and angering.

This is taking a serious turn, which is NOT what i'm going for. This shit is more funny than anything. And educational with respect to European men. Who are an all-together different breed, trust me.

We partially made up at another party to drunkenly dance the night away together but that didn't change the fact that i had ZERO tolerance for him when i was sober.

I swear this guy had the most annoying personality ever; and honestly, half the time i didn't know what he was trying to say to me. The fact that he was a French model from Paris didn't phase me in the least.

I do recall a (sober) conversation we had very early on, in which he pretty much told me his father was a typically-awesome French lover. The proof being Frenchie's various half-siblings. ARE WE SERIOUSLY HAVING THIS CONVERSATION RIGHT NOW?! Gross

By past mid-October I had stopped running into him so frequently b/c we ran in different circles. Thankfully. However i checked his relationship status regularly but nothing changed :(

By then I had also started reading Twilight...

...and just like in Twilight, you had to get through part 2 to reach more of the good stuff, sorry! Stay tuned ;)


  1. I thoroughly enjoy these mini stories of Frenchie; they make me laugh and say "WHA!?"
    And who doesn't find wedding crashers funny?? Geez.

  2. well that sounds... uh interesting

  3. I think reading this story has cursed me. Today I found out that a guy I've hung out with 3 times (as a friend and in a group) thinks we are "In An Open Relationship"according to Facebook. Great.

    What is an oestrich-winkel?

  4. Bree - well lucky for you there are more parts to come! :)

    Chris - oh more than interesting believe you me haha

    Rach - AAAH sorry! But still hilarious. At least it's an OPEN relationship! That's open to interpretation...such as never again replying to his texts. haha Do tell us more though! :)
    And Oestrich-Winkel is where we lived on's a TINY town near Frankfurt. Amazing though b/c it's on a large river and you are surrounded by vineyards. Hmmm...i should do a post on that :)


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