November 6, 2010

Channeling Paris Hilton on my 1st Day of Work

I was hoping to update sooner but work has been pretty busy right off the bat! Ok ok i went for drinks & karaoke after work on Thursday night and came home at 1am but that's besides the point...

Anyways, I LOVE IT! I know it's only been 3 days but i feel like it's going to be awesomeness. I think back to my previous jobs and say to myself, "I always knew I was born for bigger & better!" I walked by the admin assistant the other day, who is such a sweet lady, but couldn't help thinking "good fucking riddance, i don't have to deal with that dumb shit anymore".'s all i've ever wanted

Working with a bunch of my friends makes it all that much better! But i have actually been really busy. I haven't had any formal training yet - that starts next week - so I've kind of been floating around trying to figure out what ppl are talking about. Which is pretty much impossible because apparently only 3-letter acronyms are allowed in conversations. Seriously. EGM this, NPI that. WTF?!?!?! I'm looking forward to being less confused, that's for sure LOL [my 2 acronyms don't count :P]

Now it's the weekend & i don't know what to do. There's blue skies outside, but i'm sure that means it's FREEZING! Still, a walk would be nice. I should probably grab some groceries too so that I'm not eating the same thing every single day. I wish I had more time to cook like before though :(

Sorry this is so lame - i don't have a good excuse for that but hopefully my work ID card photo (taken on my 1st day] will make up for that. It's even better in real life...idk if that's a good thing or a bad thing.
My drug bust mug shot AKA permanent work ID photo.

Have a great weekend & I promise to get my blog/work balance in order ASAP! :)


  1. You have me nervous about blogging while working full time-is it possible to find that ideal balance? : )

  2. haha that's a good photo! I absolutely haaate the photo on my driving license, it's hideous!! x

  3. glad to hear your new job is going well

  4. Leah - well idk yet i guess i'll find out! LOL But i like that blogger let's you save drafts and has a scheduling option for posts. So you can write (or just start) a bunch when you have free time & then go back to polish and post. That should help

    Steph - there's always pics like that..make for good stories though :)

    Chris - yiiah :)


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