November 1, 2010

Can't take rejection much?

Sorry, i know i'm overloading you with posts today - but you know you love it, don't lie :)

So remember super clingy guy from last weekend? Well, read here if you can't keep track of the many douchebags that i meet.

After that post, i figured i'd give him a shot because he was nice enough. I also have the habit of 'reading a book by its cover' and not giving people [guys] chances, so i figured i would. What's the harm?

Well that depends on your definition of harm. I consider having meaningless [and sometimes forced] conversations and being called "cutie", "sweetie" & "angel" in every other text message harmful to my health.

The following are some texting highlights from Saturday:

[I changed my # this past weekend and sent a mass text to inform my contacts]
"That was ur only chance to get rid of me now your [excellent grammar skills] screwd girl lol :p"
Yeah i totally should have just cut you off that way. I'm a little bit more mature though. But don't worry, I have other ways to get rid of you.

"Ok cutie txt me later checking in lol... I'll be waiting, and don't get too hammered tonight won't b there for u to have a shoulder to lean on lol"
How about you stop talking now? Seriously, wow. And how about you do not tell me what to do? Plus, i was nowhere near 'hammered' last week. Just happy drunk. Maybe i should have been hammered cuz then i totally would have ignored your ass. Frig.

"Did you have fun tonight? Get drunk? Pick up any guys lololol"

Yeah, i picked them all up. I should have told him that too. What an idiot. I'VE KNOWN YOU FOR A WEEK why do you keep forgetting that? Because you now look like a total idiot.

I avoided him all day yesterday & today because i'm BUSY and have nothing to say to him. Some people just can't take a hint. So i resorted to letting him down gently tonight.

" listen, you seem like a great guy but honestly as u can see my life is pretty busy right now. I don't really have time for anything else at the moment. I don't wanna waste your time and mine 'cause I don't really see this going anywhere."

Get a load of the response: "Later" in you're too busy to reply and we'll discuss it later? Confused. "Sorry, what?"
His moment of epic maturity consisted of: "Later aka bye!"

That actually happened. Buddy, you're 27 and that's your reaction? With the rejections you've probably faced due to your serious clingy-ness, you really haven't honed your taking-it-like-a-man skills. Get some of those, because you'll clearly need to use them in the future.

I do now kinda wish i hadn't bothered giving him my new number, but hopefully he just deletes me. On the bright side, at least i didn't have to explain to him why it wouldn't work. I just don't like you. But no one likes to hear that.

On an even brighter note, it made for some good blog content! We should all send the big baby a big thank you!


  1. your blog is addicting! stop it. now.
    wait no, dont do that..i'll cry.

  2. I'm reliving all my past fun times through you. keep picking them up, it's blog fodder and I feel young and attractive even while I'm sitting here with my big googly glasses and my dirty bathrobe!

  3. Oh wow, he sounds really lame. :P Like dude, get a life!

    LOL to Sandra's comment. :D :D

  4. oh my gosh that guy sounds like a riight idiot! good riddence to him :)

  5. haha thanks for sharing these txts, they made me laugh. He sounds like a right weirdo...good for you telling him straight (well sorta haha..not sure he could handle that!!)

  6. Thank god you got rid of this loser. Not only does he sound like the beginnings of a pathetic stalker, but he is 27 and texts like a 19 year old frat boy.

    p.s. Can't wait to see the pics of your apartment. I have an Ikea obsession as well and will now begin living vicariously through you since I still reside with my parentals.

  7. haha.....thanks for the much needed laughter...u crack me up!

  8. Sandra - LMAO sometimes i just want to throw in the towel, despite the entertainment!

    nadiine - Good riddance was unfortunately delayed, i shoulda known from the start! but then there wouldn't be a post so...haha

    Steph - apparently he couldn't handle it. but decided that adding me to FB a few days later was just normal. really? c'mon! lol

    Rach - idk how someone hasn't already told him he needs to grow up. i can't be bothered though lol If you're going to be living through me be advised - i will likely have many more douchebags stories hahahaha


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