November 1, 2010

Another Halloween Down in the Books

I wasn't going to do the standard Halloween post, mainly b/c i'm not as big on Halloween as others are. It's not that i dislike it, i just don't get super excited. I feel like the night of having fun never reaches the expectations when you spend hours upon hours - or DAYS - on your costume. I hate to think what it'll be like when i have to make costumes for my kids too, since i do not believe in the store-bought kind. Really, trick or treating is what made it for me. And that is now, sadly, over. :(

That being said, here i am writing a Halloween post and that's because 2 awesome things happened!

1. Our group costume was kind of really awesome!
Cruella DeVille & her dalmatian puppies. I'm the only live one.
2. I coincidentally spent Halloween partying with a fellow blogger. And an awesome one at that. Kristina @ Goodmorning, Blog. is the first blog i started following and the one that really motivated  me to start my own. And for that Kristina, i THANK YOU! :))

I mean i knew we had a couple of friends in common, and i even went to University with her brother, but the blog-find was a coincidence. And lo-and-behold, we were at the same pre-drink! Awesomeness ensued. It was great to meeting her! :)
Kristina & I joined by one of my dalmatian sibs :)
Hope you all had a fab HALLOWEEN too! Can't wait to see more costume pics :)


  1. Looks like a blast! Love the costume! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. Dead puppies?! You look cute though haha

  3. Thanks you guys!

    Bree - ya the dead was all Cruella haha I opted for the "classy puppy" look LOL


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