November 22, 2010

Beautiful Monster

Yup that's me. According to my sister. Who very openly posted this on my Facebook a few months ago with the comment "OMG this reminded me of you!"...apparently my mom agreed.

I'll take it though. Good song. And how can I take beautiful in a negative way? ;)

November 21, 2010

Great Start to my Birthday Week!

My Birthday is a big deal to me, always has been. I've always declared a Birthday week, which never seizes to make my dad roll his eyes. He apparently thought that i was going to grow out of it.

Well that's what makes me said...I think i might. I haven't counted down this year or made a gift wish list or felt hugely excited. Not to mention i made my birthday event barely a week beforehand. Sad. Brings a tear to my eye. But i blame the big move for the distraction!

I've been getting more excited this weekend. Spent most of it with my awesome friend JD [she's off blog record]. On Saturday we went to IKEA - a highly dangerous place for us. She bought this picture:
We spent a good 30 minutes maneuvering this into my car. Phew. Then I spent the evening catching up on my missed Grey's episodes. Lame, i know. But i was oh so tired! But more importantly - WTF is going on with Cristina?!?! I don't even want to go there actually...

Today we hit the Santa Clause Parade which was pretty fun! It wasn't as freezing as I had expected & once I managed to slowly make my way to the edge of the sidewalk, I had some prime picture-taking real estate! :)

Here are a few shots:
33 days till Christmas, in case you're wondering.
Santa is coming!

Don't worry Santa, my list is already in the mail.

The Swarovski Christmas Tree @ the Mall
I may or may not have also shopped a bit. But only good deals i promise! Plus, I haven't shopped for myself in over a month! Ever since I started shopping solely for this apartment. It's my Birthday week. I deserve gifts from my myself - just some cute tops, a dress & some accessories :)

But as for Christmas, that doesn't start till December 1st in this household! I've been buying some decorations and I'm so excited for my Christmas kick-off night!

Hope you all had a great weekend!

PS: I'm working on this work/blog balance thing, I promise!!! xo

November 17, 2010

Frenchie, part 3

For part 1, go here.
For part 2, go here.

So i started reading Twilight b/c it was way more entertaining than reading my notes. I won't lie, i really really enjoyed the books. The story and everything was great until i started picturing these two douches as the main characters:
If you're a big reader like myself (not counting the fact that i haven't picked up a book in months!) you know how you subconsciously create the characters' appearance. Part of the fun of reading :) They ruined it. ANYWAY...

Well, this one day i'm waiting for a friend to finish class and who walks into the own personal Edward. Seriously. Exactly how I had pictured him & wanted him to be! He had just walked right by me! Who was this boy i had never noticed before?!

I dug around for some dirt & it turned out Swiss Edward was maintaining a long-distance relationship. But Switzerland isn't just another area code, it's another country! And it's not even part of the EU so that practically makes them a different continent. Or planet. I'm terrible, i know this.

I got my first chance at an interaction when we headed to the local bar one random weeknight. By the time we got there i had already polished off a bottle of wine but nothing stops me. Long story short, the mutual flirting was on max. Higher than max, whatever that measurement is.

Leading up to Halloween, i ran into his friend & asked them what their costume plans were. He wasn't sure about his but Swiss was going to be a *dun dun dunnnn* you got it - VAMPIRE! It was a sign, and no one could convince me otherwise! NO ONE!

This Catwoman was ready for a challenge!
Don't worry, Frenchie is still a part of this. I saw him at a neighbour's flat before going to the Halloween pre-drink and he was going as a white Bob Marley. He had pretty much established himself as a pothead by this time so that wasn't a shocker. I ignored him like he really didn't exist. He definitely did not like that.

Within 5 minutes of walking into the pre-drink, my Edward had spotted me. He looked great. I felt great. Lust.

Why am i not an actress?
If i start telling you how much fun we had owning the dancefloor i'm going to get all distracted.  It was fun. Of course his one gal friend didn't hide her distaste but fuck her.

Enter: Frenchie. WHOA what happened to white Marley? B/c now you're face-painted as a CAT! I'm Catwoman, you can't do that! THIEF!

The thief part should have been the least of my concerns. I couldn't help but notice the glares and starting from the corner of my eye. And on at least one occasion he tried to come and dance with me when Swiss Edward was further away.

NO DICE! Remember how i REALLY SUPER DUPER dislike you?! Ya, that hasn't changed. A girl's gotta go to the bathroom though so off i went, all by myself.

Conveniently, SwissEdward's said gal friend was also in the bathroom.

A: So...aren't you Frenchie's girlfriend?
D: Umm no! That's a big misunderstanding. I was never his girlfriend and we are not together.
A: [not convinced] Ooooh ok. B/c i know you are dancing with Swiss Edward a lot...
D: Ya i'm not Frenchie's girlfriend, but he won't listen to me when i tell him that i'm not interested.
A: [seems like she believed me] Oh well ok, i was just wondering b/c it was a bit strange.

You know what's a bit strange?!?! YOU French people's interpretation of EVERYTHING! Holy crap. Butt out of my life already!!!

Well that was a pleasant bathroom break. It wasn't over. As i was walking back, Frenchie snuck up on me and cornered me yet again! Some bullshit about needing to talk to me blah blah blah. I don't want to talk to you! i told him. All i want to do is get back to my Swiss Edward [and grind up on his fabulous fit body]. I got angry and pried myself away, warning him to stay away from me and went back to my Halloween candy.

Now the staring and glaring intensified. All of a sudden, Frenchie's little roommate girl comes up to Edward and starts whispering in his ear. He responds with a smirk. I caught on real fast. She was a messenger.

D: "Listen - you go back and tell Frenchie to leave me alone b/c this is NONE of his business. And don't act like a highschool idiot as well by being his fucking messenger."

[Exchange folks were always a little taken aback with my fast and fluent English, especially when i was angry and swearing. It was entertaining lol]

She walked away & Swiss Edward turned his gorgeous green eyes to me & said, "We're allowed to dance, no?" *sexy smirk smile*
I turned into one of these instantly.
Best Halloween ever. And i was pretty sure that Frenchie was now gone for good! Bonus!

But was he? ... ;)

November 10, 2010

Stupid does have more fun!

Ooooooooooh! Before I came up with this title (in 2 seconds flat) i always wondered why i lived with so many regrets. Makes sense now.

I don't usually pay attention to marketing campaigns. My philosophy is that no matter how much money a company wastes spends on their marketing and advertising, it will not make me want to buy their product more. B/c it doesn't create a need. And i have too much common sense for it to create an unnatural want. [Usually.]

But this, i love.
I've seen a few of these in my fashion mags and it really really got me. If you go to this site, you'll see a lot more. No wonder Diesel's 'Be Stupid' won an award!

Speaking of stupid having more fun, I discovered a hilarious video on the lovely Leanna's blog OMG I moved to NYC (GO GIVE HER BLOG LOVE NOW!) about a show called Lake Shore - the Jersey Shore of Toronto. Epic.

Once you watch it, you will wonder why these people are trying so hard to imitate the greatness of Jersey Shore. Sadly, that's them au naturel. What it is, is them trying really hard to "properly" represent their nationality, and avoiding being "too Canadian". This Bulgarian-Canadian is (very rarely) guilty of this as well. I'm pretty foreign & pretty integrated all at the same time - it's a fine line. And if i had an IQ of 5 i'd probably (want to) be on this show too! But alas, i'll leave the (making a fool of oneself on television & the internet) fun to the stupids :)

November 8, 2010

Frenchie, part 2

For part 1, go here.

After Frenchie's little "listed in a relationship" shenanigans without consulting me, I still needed to clean up this mess b.c i didn't want to be that girl in the exchange community. So back to PMs it was:

Daniela October 6, 2008 at 5:38pm
ok so i don't think you really understood before when I was trying to explain that I am not looking for something serious. by that i mean that i am not looking for anything at all with anyone. like what happened was just random and nothing major. I apologize if you got the wrong impression about this but it’s really nothing and I’m sorry if you thought something else.
Frenchie October 7, 2008 at 5:24am
ok but i think you misanderstood too.
first, i think you go too far for just one thing on facebook because for me, we are just together at oestrich-winkel and that´s all.
secondly, who told you that i was looking for something serious???
Nobody! (i don´t know what you imagine...) That´s just your you don´t have to apologize because maybe we have a different meaning of the word "in a relationship" because for "normal people" that DOES NOT mean at all that it is serious.
so i think that you go too far for a thing that is not worth!
i thought we could just take some time together but apparently I am wrong...

In hindsight, i'm mildly insulted that he didn't think i was worth his interpretation of "serious". However my jaw dropped at the fact that i was considered abnormal. Really? To "normal" people, announcing to the world that you're now in some kind of relationship is a pretty big deal. No?

I don't even want to get into the number of questions I had to fend off about me being his girlfriend. Annoying. Bah.

Sidenote: During my sober interactions prior to this status change, i had him watch Wedding Crashers. He didn't find it funny. I should have known then.

Another week or so later, we were at a party and i was seriously avoiding him & trying to have a good time. Just before i left, he cornered me to argue his point and tried to convince me that i was crazy about my 'serious relationship' talk. CORNERED! I hate being embarrassed in public like that.

I didn't even have a response b/c frankly i could not care less! I just kind of nodded and said "whatever". And only then did he return the earrings i had forgotten at his house. Whatta jerk.

Don't get me wrong - it wasn't so much the relationship status itself (i know we take that Facebook shit too seriously), but the principal behind it and the vehement denial. I just found it disrespectful and angering.

This is taking a serious turn, which is NOT what i'm going for. This shit is more funny than anything. And educational with respect to European men. Who are an all-together different breed, trust me.

We partially made up at another party to drunkenly dance the night away together but that didn't change the fact that i had ZERO tolerance for him when i was sober.

I swear this guy had the most annoying personality ever; and honestly, half the time i didn't know what he was trying to say to me. The fact that he was a French model from Paris didn't phase me in the least.

I do recall a (sober) conversation we had very early on, in which he pretty much told me his father was a typically-awesome French lover. The proof being Frenchie's various half-siblings. ARE WE SERIOUSLY HAVING THIS CONVERSATION RIGHT NOW?! Gross

By past mid-October I had stopped running into him so frequently b/c we ran in different circles. Thankfully. However i checked his relationship status regularly but nothing changed :(

By then I had also started reading Twilight...

...and just like in Twilight, you had to get through part 2 to reach more of the good stuff, sorry! Stay tuned ;)

November 7, 2010

Oh 80s, How I Love You

I love the 80s. Everything about them. It has bred the majority of my favourite music and movies, not to mention some great TV shows.

There's something about listening to that music and watching those movies that gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling. A feeling that nothing else gives me. I don't really think anyone gets it. But i'm so OK with that.

This warm and fuzzy feeling is usually accompanied by tears, but i wouldn't have it any other way! I'm an emotional gal, whattaya want?! :)

Of course I can't not give you some of my top faves, in no particular order:
- Dirty Dancing <3 [and soundtrack]
- Classic Bon Jovi
- Sixteen Candles
- The Breakfast Club
- Baywatch
- the Tom Cruise we all actually liked
- Overboard
- When Harry Met Sally
- so many random songs it'd make your head spin

I will leave you with one of the songs i LOVE & a classic 80s movie i hadn't seen until tonight which inspired this post...

November 6, 2010

Channeling Paris Hilton on my 1st Day of Work

I was hoping to update sooner but work has been pretty busy right off the bat! Ok ok i went for drinks & karaoke after work on Thursday night and came home at 1am but that's besides the point...

Anyways, I LOVE IT! I know it's only been 3 days but i feel like it's going to be awesomeness. I think back to my previous jobs and say to myself, "I always knew I was born for bigger & better!" I walked by the admin assistant the other day, who is such a sweet lady, but couldn't help thinking "good fucking riddance, i don't have to deal with that dumb shit anymore".'s all i've ever wanted

Working with a bunch of my friends makes it all that much better! But i have actually been really busy. I haven't had any formal training yet - that starts next week - so I've kind of been floating around trying to figure out what ppl are talking about. Which is pretty much impossible because apparently only 3-letter acronyms are allowed in conversations. Seriously. EGM this, NPI that. WTF?!?!?! I'm looking forward to being less confused, that's for sure LOL [my 2 acronyms don't count :P]

Now it's the weekend & i don't know what to do. There's blue skies outside, but i'm sure that means it's FREEZING! Still, a walk would be nice. I should probably grab some groceries too so that I'm not eating the same thing every single day. I wish I had more time to cook like before though :(

Sorry this is so lame - i don't have a good excuse for that but hopefully my work ID card photo (taken on my 1st day] will make up for that. It's even better in real life...idk if that's a good thing or a bad thing.
My drug bust mug shot AKA permanent work ID photo.

Have a great weekend & I promise to get my blog/work balance in order ASAP! :)

November 1, 2010

Can't take rejection much?

Sorry, i know i'm overloading you with posts today - but you know you love it, don't lie :)

So remember super clingy guy from last weekend? Well, read here if you can't keep track of the many douchebags that i meet.

After that post, i figured i'd give him a shot because he was nice enough. I also have the habit of 'reading a book by its cover' and not giving people [guys] chances, so i figured i would. What's the harm?

Well that depends on your definition of harm. I consider having meaningless [and sometimes forced] conversations and being called "cutie", "sweetie" & "angel" in every other text message harmful to my health.

The following are some texting highlights from Saturday:

[I changed my # this past weekend and sent a mass text to inform my contacts]
"That was ur only chance to get rid of me now your [excellent grammar skills] screwd girl lol :p"
Yeah i totally should have just cut you off that way. I'm a little bit more mature though. But don't worry, I have other ways to get rid of you.

"Ok cutie txt me later checking in lol... I'll be waiting, and don't get too hammered tonight won't b there for u to have a shoulder to lean on lol"
How about you stop talking now? Seriously, wow. And how about you do not tell me what to do? Plus, i was nowhere near 'hammered' last week. Just happy drunk. Maybe i should have been hammered cuz then i totally would have ignored your ass. Frig.

"Did you have fun tonight? Get drunk? Pick up any guys lololol"

Yeah, i picked them all up. I should have told him that too. What an idiot. I'VE KNOWN YOU FOR A WEEK why do you keep forgetting that? Because you now look like a total idiot.

I avoided him all day yesterday & today because i'm BUSY and have nothing to say to him. Some people just can't take a hint. So i resorted to letting him down gently tonight.

" listen, you seem like a great guy but honestly as u can see my life is pretty busy right now. I don't really have time for anything else at the moment. I don't wanna waste your time and mine 'cause I don't really see this going anywhere."

Get a load of the response: "Later" in you're too busy to reply and we'll discuss it later? Confused. "Sorry, what?"
His moment of epic maturity consisted of: "Later aka bye!"

That actually happened. Buddy, you're 27 and that's your reaction? With the rejections you've probably faced due to your serious clingy-ness, you really haven't honed your taking-it-like-a-man skills. Get some of those, because you'll clearly need to use them in the future.

I do now kinda wish i hadn't bothered giving him my new number, but hopefully he just deletes me. On the bright side, at least i didn't have to explain to him why it wouldn't work. I just don't like you. But no one likes to hear that.

On an even brighter note, it made for some good blog content! We should all send the big baby a big thank you!

Another Halloween Down in the Books

I wasn't going to do the standard Halloween post, mainly b/c i'm not as big on Halloween as others are. It's not that i dislike it, i just don't get super excited. I feel like the night of having fun never reaches the expectations when you spend hours upon hours - or DAYS - on your costume. I hate to think what it'll be like when i have to make costumes for my kids too, since i do not believe in the store-bought kind. Really, trick or treating is what made it for me. And that is now, sadly, over. :(

That being said, here i am writing a Halloween post and that's because 2 awesome things happened!

1. Our group costume was kind of really awesome!
Cruella DeVille & her dalmatian puppies. I'm the only live one.
2. I coincidentally spent Halloween partying with a fellow blogger. And an awesome one at that. Kristina @ Goodmorning, Blog. is the first blog i started following and the one that really motivated  me to start my own. And for that Kristina, i THANK YOU! :))

I mean i knew we had a couple of friends in common, and i even went to University with her brother, but the blog-find was a coincidence. And lo-and-behold, we were at the same pre-drink! Awesomeness ensued. It was great to meeting her! :)
Kristina & I joined by one of my dalmatian sibs :)
Hope you all had a fab HALLOWEEN too! Can't wait to see more costume pics :)

Welcome to me, TO!

Goooooood afternoon from my new location! In case you are wondering - i'm LOVING IT! Except i just had THE craziest weekend known to man.

Wake up early & pile all my crap into truck.
Drive 2hrs to new place.
Unload all my crap.
Wonder why i chose the 14th floor? [sshh 13th i know]
Be thankful i'm close to the elevator though.
Have daddy & uncle put up curtain rods across impossible windows. [THANK YOU!]
Change phone number - 4yrs together, i'll miss you old one!
Have awesome friends help me put together my furniture with some vino & pizza :)
Realized my [super extra heavy & impossible to carry] IKEA coffee table was damaged :(
Pass out.

Realize i don't have milk for coffee or cereal.
Had an epiphany - i can boil water ON THE STOVE for tea & oatmeal!
Tackled the unpacking that is my closet & bathroom! [i'm never going shopping again]
Freaked out b/c time flew by & i needed to get ready for Halloween!
Came home after a night out in TO - so weird!

Wait forever in IKEA exchanges - but whatta smooth exchange it was!
Buy loads of IKEA stuff. This is my receipt:
I won't tell you how much, but there's been more expensive trips!
Buy loads of stuff at Walmart too.
Make 5 trips from parking garage to apartment to bring it all in.
Be thankful for nice neighbour guy who helped me carry my [super extra heavy & impossible to carry] IKEA coffee table to the elevator.
Spend 30 minutes figuring out how to work my new IKEA can openner.
EAT delicious clam chowder :)
Unpack more things i purchased & put together coffee table.
Unwind with my Sunday night TV & joy @ accomplishing so much this weekend! :)

And here i am today. Being pretty lazy actually, but i'll tackle the knick knacks tomorrow. The place looks great but the walls are pretty bare. I'll update once it's a bit cleaned up but i leave you now with today's view from my balcony :)