October 10, 2010

*gobble gobble*

Happy Thanksgiving, Canucks!

Rach @ How Fickle Is Woman had a great apple pie recipe last month, & what better time to try it out than for Thanksgiving?! :)

Well it turned out GREAT, so thanks Rach :)
Awesome apple decor courtesy of my talented sister!
The thing i like about Thanksgiving is that it's still largely about the food and the getting together. Unlike Christmas. Don't get me wrong - i love Christmas. But it's all about the gifts and the shopping and money-spending and all that crap.

At least on Thanksgiving we focus more on the fam. And the turkey. And the stuffing. And the PIE! :)


  1. It looks 10x better than the one that I made!

  2. Only because of my sister's insistance on decorating it! lol
    I loved the recipe & how easy & delicious it was :)) ty!


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