October 26, 2010

Frenchie, part 1

Has anyone ever been on exchange abroad? Well i have. In the Fall of 2008 i went to Germany and it was the best decision i have ever made!

Not to be confused with me making the best decisions while i was out there. Those are two very different things.

But anyone and everyone will tell you that the time you are away on exchange is not the time to hold back. Let loose, take risks, live while you can! All true. And this will likely lead to some very interesting stories.

So back to me in Germany in 2008. I went through a very shitty breakup at the start of it b/c apparently i like to date big douchebags. That's besides the point.

The short story is that after sulking i was ready to have some fun, and my flatmate had the inside scoop on a guy that was interested in me. Little old me! Fast forward a few days to Oktoberfest in Munich:

That's just the first litre. At approximately 11am
What happens when I consume two of those? My flatmate (in blue, above) convinces me to make out with this interested guy, who we shall call Frenchie - on camera. Most other things are a blur. Including the video.

So what? Everyone makes out. No big deal. We're all friends here, it's exchange!

Fast forward another week to a campus party. This was such a hawt mess for everyone, no one even got a chance to document any of it. And yours truly was the honourable Queen of Hawt Mess that evening.

The result of this being the walk of shame the next morning after passing out too soon to make this story even more interesting. Really, i'm not in denial or anything. Good thing i wore flats - it made the walk home in a quiet German village slightly less shameful. Slightly.

But after knowing this guy for a week, and having some sober interaction, i wasn't too thrilled with his personality so i wasn't planning on hanging out with him outside of group functions.

Later that evening, Facebook newsfeed greets me with the update that Frenchie "is now listed as in a relationship <3."

Immediately i kick into troubleshooting mode and PM him simply asking him what this is all about. The most hilarious part i think is the fact that no matter who i tell this story to, their interpretation is "OMG this guy had a girlfriend?! And fooled around anyway?! What an asshole!" Oh NOOOOOOO - i was the relationship! LOL

But who the hell has time to wait for a PM reply?! Not this girl. So I then opted for the faster, more direct method of Facebook chat (which i hate):

in a relationship? what's that about?

what's that about??
Oook, i should have used simpler English.

yeah what's taht supposed to mean?

Ugh so for you we are not in a relationship?
UGH no buddy what the fuck is wrong with you..don't you usually need to discuss with someone if you are in a relationship? Crazy French!!!!!

Umm lets see i've known u for a WEEK, and i'm not looking for something serious.

yeah i know and dont worry i dont consider that it is serious enough too but for me now i am in a relationship but that DOES NOT mean that it is serious i hav to go sorry see u.

Dammit! Back home you go home with a guy hoping he'll want more and you get nada. Now the ONE time I do something casual (not to mention out of nature) I get THIS?! How unfair is that?!

The worst part is i had to wait to get this cleared up. And you my dears, have to wait until part 2 for more ;)


  1. Damn! How long do we have to wait!? haha

  2. I swear guys are either super clingers or complete douchebags who never return phone calls or texts. Where is the inbetween guy who is actually normal?! Can't wait to hear the rest of the story btw I am starting to think we might be the same person because I can pretty much apply every one of your posts to my life as well :) And can I photoshop myself into that picture of you ladies with the giant beer? That looks delish. Oh wait it is 11 on a Tuesday morning. Darn.

  3. You said it best in your previous post: boys are stupid!
    But you are funny! I love all the little captions beneath the dialogue!
    Oh, and the pic with those monster beers...oh my god, you must have peed for days!

  4. Why does that happen? When you want a relationship you can only find the guys that are completely emotionally unavailable and when you just want to keep things 'fresh' you can only find "stage 5 clingers"? It's crazy! P.S. those beers are looking fab right about now, and it's only 945am here
    xo tash

  5. Wow those beers look good haha can't wait to hear the rest of the story!! x

  6. Soon darlings, soon!

    Regarding the beers/Oktoberfest - we got kicked out at 3pm b/c there was a reservation and wandered around the grounds for 6hrs till we had to leave. Drunk. In the middle of the day. Crazy awesome :)

    Rach - You may certainly photoshop yourself haha And i totally agree re: being twins! Which is ironically why sometimes i can't even comment b/c "me too!" & "i totally agree!" is going to get lame eventually LOL But it's true :))

  7. I'm laughing so hard because something similar happened to me twice (minus the Facebook part) with a Czech guy and a Romanian guy. I was like, easy there, let's hit the brakes for a minute! American guys don't seem to have this problem :-)


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