October 21, 2010

Celeb Parents aren't REAL Parents

I'm kind of torn about whether or not i even want to share the following with you lovely people. I'm not even sure what the right word(s) is(are) to describe my thoughts on this.

I'll just get down to it. Watch this video - i completely understand if you can't get through it entirely, i will not blame you.

W.T.F. That is a 5 year old singing. Well Wikipedia says 10. I frankly don't give a shit. This is goddamn ridiculous.

FIRST of all, where the fuck do i start? Aside from this is just making me swear a lot. MAYBE i wouldn't be so put out if she was singing about lollipops or something. K, SCRATCH THAT! Lest we forget Lil Wayne's "Lollipop" from a few years ago.

5 10yr olds should not have record deals and videos. Call me old-fashioned. Very few child stars make it out alive. Why would you put your kid through that?

Second of all...i actually listened to the lyrics.

I'ma get more shine than a little bit 
Soon as i hit the stage applause im hearing it 
whether its black stars black cars im feeling it 
but can't none of them whip it like i do 
I, i gets it in mmmm yea i go hard 
when they see me pull up i whip it real hard 
i whip it real hard,real hard,i whip it real hard

Wow. I'd probably cringe a little bit even if it was an adult singing it. But it's not. She's 5 10.

Thirdly, just because the video is set in an elementary school does not make this ok. In fact, this means other children are subjected to it - but mostly, other children's parents think this is normal!!!! For the record, it's not.

And fourthly...let's get down to who "she" is. Willow Smith. Ya, Will Smith is her daddy. I may heart the crap outta the guy but i am SUPER disappointed right now. I had more faith in you than making both of your children into child stars.At least Jaden is acting in child-like roles [I haven't actually seen The Karate Kid though]. Seriously. You should know better. Now i resent you - is this what you wanted?! Don't answer that.

This is pretty good backup as to why i friging hate the youth of today. *sigh*


  1. I thought the same friggin thing!! WTF is going on..she is way too young! I don't get the hype she is getting, and Perez is like over the moon in love with the song and video. Um no. Be a kid and try again in 7 or 8 years. I never listened to the lyrics, but umm...weird?? and inappropriate..geez.

  2. Hahaha! This seriously made my morning! I'd heard the song but hadn't seen the official video. Oh lord. My mom and I were just discussing child stars last night as we were watching Hocus Pocus. At least the child actors of our generation (late 80's early 90's) actually looked, dressed, and acted like kids. I turn on Disney Channel today and the kids look like baby prostitutes and douche bags. I also can't figure out what age group this song/video is trying to appeal to-kids or adults? As an adult there is no way in hell I would watch/listen to this crap and if I was a parent I wouldn't want my kid listening to it either. I like Will Smith as an actor but I cringe whenever I see their family on talk shows-they are either talking way too much about their sex life or fame whoring out their children. Ewwww.

  3. this is definitely ridiculous. damn you Justin Bieber and your generation! i'm more disappointed in Will :( you know how i love that man. and I had the same question as Rach - who is their target market exactly? and Perez Hilton is uber-dumb.

  4. I watched this on E! Willow is 11 but it doesn't make a difference. The child is earning more than I am! :O She should be in school, learning and living a normal life. Being exposed to the industry this early is calling on depression in the future for that child. You've seen how most child stars have ended up.

    How can Will and Jada make their child sing such filthy lyrics in the first place? tsk tsk.

    Huge thumbs down on this one! The parents need a wake-up call.

  5. could not agree more!

    and ps. thank you so much for the sweet comment. i'm back and happier, so it looks like things are looking up. :)

  6. Bree - i know right?! Your talent will still be there when you're old enough to handle this shit! BE A KID!

    Rach - cannot agree more with the generational change i see in youth. despicable. celeb kids fuel it, and we drive it even more by accepting it & it's just a vicious circle!

    Vik - careful what you say, Rach hearts the Biebs. But seriously, i do not. Now, Perez is a lot of things, but DUMB is not one of them. Do you know why Perez is famous? B/c he BLOGGED! He frigin spewed shit and pressed "publish post" like we all do on a regular basis. AND HE WORKED THAT ANGLE. So he's def not dumb. Plus, he's BFFs with Lady Gaga and she is not dumb :P

    Toni - Back to the Biebs. At least Beiber's mom knows nothing about fame (she's from a SMALL ONTARIO TOWN for crying out loud..i would know, being from Ontario and all haha) but WILL SMITH! He's been famous for over 20 years for fuck's sakes! And you see other ppl's kids being messed up, so get real! Honestly, i had a ton of respect for Will & Jada until this. I guess the only reason Will's eldest hasn't been in the spotlight is b/c he has a normal mom.

    Kiley - thanks for stopping by! and you're welcome :)

  7. haha i should have known you'll defend Perez.. i agree he has definitely worked his way up from nothing basically so i'll give him props for that BUT just because you have an controversial opinion about something doesn't make it a good one. sometimes he just needs to stfu.

  8. Totally agree with you on this one - it's really distasteful and I am shocked that the Smith family would even allow this. Probably a little bit of jealousy going on the her "older" brother got more attention with The Karate Kid. What ever happened to good parenting....

  9. Hahahaha. This made me laugh so heart. It's funny cause you're so right....but I can't help but hum the song! It's too catchy for my own good. Does that make me a hypocrite if I agree with you but still stand by my post on it?

  10. This is exactly what I am thinking.
    Why have your ten year old daughter performing?
    Let her have a normal child hood.
    Too much real talk in this blog post.
    Good job.


  11. Wow so refreshing to know i'm not alone & crazy in my opinion LOL

    Philly Girl - hypocritical but hilarious! lol :)


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