October 5, 2010

Buying necessities isn't reallyyyyy shopping!

I love to shop. I don't know a girl who doesn't which makes me totally UNoriginal. That's not what i was going for though, so it's alright.

It's not just about having something brand spankin' new - which is aaaaaaaaawesome! But i love the thrill of getting a fantastic deal! I may or may not consider myself the Queen of Frugal. Therefore Outlet malls = heaven!

Anyway my point is - i've been eyeing the following things:

THIS exact purse. $50 from ALDO. 
I think it's allowed b/c i don't own a brown purse, which everyone should since it's a major purse-colour. So it's more of a necessity in that case. Yes? K good :)

Light boots are the best thing for Fall (and Spring). Flats make your feet cold and since i don't really wear 'sneakers', i really need these to keep away the Fall frostbite.
A grey pair like these.
Grey would go great with my usually-black attire - tights, leather jacket, etc - and "brighten" up the look LOL It may not match my new brown purse, but really - who matches shoes & purses thaaaaat much these days!?

Belts are a GREAT way to add flare to an outfit, and it's so easy to switch them up!
Stylish belts to accessorize my outfits.
They can be any colour. Preferably something versatile that i can wear in an office (to the job i don't have) and out on the town! Versatile = useful = necessity, not just want. Trust me.

I LOVE sweater dresses! They're so simple yet look so great!
I like this one.
I have a nice grey one so something in black and/or brown. That'll complete the collection. For now, i suppose.

Finally, WHY is it so difficult to find a NICE white, collared shirt?!!? It's a freakin' staple! [AKA necessity.]
See, this one is cute! Available in stores? Apparently not the ones i've been checking out!

I love Fall because of all the layering you get to do - and effectively using several pieces from my closet all at once! Haven't i proven i deserve to go shopping?!?!?!

So on that note, anyone seen any great sales lately? ;)


  1. The boots look amazing! :O I like the Aldo bag and it's not bad for the price.

    Try Charlotte Russe or Forever21. They're having a massive sale right now. ;)

    I found you on 20 Something Bloggers! :)


  2. LOVE the grey boots! And sweater dresses are super cool too. I SHOULD be looking for more sales! I have no money at the moment and that would make life better. I did just go out and buy a pair of red(like) tights. Fun Fun!

  3. I also loooveee to shop!!! Especially for shoes!! I think I buy shoes too often but I don't care as long as it makes me happy!

    But I hate the part when I receive my credit card bills!! Oh noooo..

    The conclusion is.. shopping does not kill you, your credit card bills do!!


  4. Those boots are amazing!

    And you'll have to let me know if you find a good white collared shirt. I've been looking for one!

  5. I lovveeee that purse! I don't own a brown purse either and I've been looking for the perfect one. I would buy everything that you listed here haha!

  6. Express has some really nice collared shirts in many colors! i love the black one i have! :D

  7. THAT'S IT! We're all going shopping together!! Time zones be damned!

    And we're apparently all going to own the SAME pair of boots. That's cute if you ask me.


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