October 26, 2010

Boys are stupid. Throw rocks at them.

Warning: This will not be a polished post. It's an impromptu rant.

I had a great weekend, was pretty darn tired by the end of it, met & made out with a guy at the bar on Friday, blah blah blah.

He was cute & a good kisser (always a pleasant surprise) but drunk self should have seen the warning signs when he said (at the club) "i hope you're not looking for a fling, because i'm looking for the girlfriend type."

My response was to show my face in my drink and nod vigorously. Not even sure exactly what i was agreeing to but i was having a good time dammit, so nod away i did!

At first the persistence was nice. Shut up, don't even try to tell me you don't like getting attention.  Now it's Monday night and i'm tired of playing fucking 20 questions over texts. Plus, you getting WAY too freaking ahead of yourself!

If you get any more overbearing i'm gonna for real run away. And i might even do it in the cowardly way of just not replying b/c i don't feel like explaining myself. Good thing i'm changing my number at the end of the week.

This makes me compare you to the ones i'm (not actually) over more and more. Which is bad. B/c i don't want to think about Rockstar or Megaman (post to come soon) right now.

I like my life the way it is, and i'm not saying i wouldn't want a relationship, but i don't believe in changing my life entirely for one. Like...i never text this much! lol ok ok bad example.

Just stop making me feel like there's some obligation for this to fucking GO somewhere. Geez. What a waste of a good kisser.

Sorry. Had to vent. Thank you. XX


  1. Boys... stupid stupid boys. Too bad their kisses are so damn good!! :)

  2. I'll go get some rocks! He sounds way too desperate and ... way too desperate. How annoying!!

  3. Isn't it sad that the ones we just want to have fun with are the ones that straight up STALK US? My God, try to leave a little mystery please.

  4. Bah tell me about it!! I only feel kinda bad for this guy b/c he DOES seem like a really nice guy & i wouldn't be surprised if he treats his girl like gold...but i'm not looking for nice. I never am. I'm looking for a great jerk. *sigh*
    I haven't cut him off yet, but i clearly have ex issues therefore he's probably not going to get anywhere :P *shrug*


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