October 4, 2010

*Blog Award*

Last week i recieved my very first [i make it sound like i will get more] BLOG AWARD, from the wonderful Kate at Simply Kate. You should check this girl out - she's planning on writing a whole novel in a month! True writer.

So my blog is lovely - who woulda thought?! YAY :)
Thank you, Kate!
In order to officially accept this award - which has taken me far too long to do anyway - i need to pick 10 other LOVELY blogs. So, so many to choose from!

Annah @ Red Means Go!
Ashley @ Fun As We GO...
Tarryn & Allison @ 2Bloggeristas
Stephanie @ Influence

These are just 10 of the blogs that make smile and/or laugh like a hyena. Congrats ladies :))

Now i'm off to tell you that you won!


  1. Thank you :)

    Can you believe I've never seen House? LMAO. Thanks for the blog love!

  2. Aw thank you Daniela! I am flattered. :)

  3. Thank you Daniela! You know I love your blog as well :)

  4. :) Thank youu Daniela!! I've just posted my ten winners xx

  5. Thanks for the award!! :)

  6. Awh, thanks so much. Apologies for my delayed acknowledgement! For some reason your comment on my blog about this ended up in spam and I've only just seen while doing a clear out. Thanks again, L xxx


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