October 4, 2010

*Blog Award*

Last week i recieved my very first [i make it sound like i will get more] BLOG AWARD, from the wonderful Kate at Simply Kate. You should check this girl out - she's planning on writing a whole novel in a month! True writer.

So my blog is lovely - who woulda thought?! YAY :)
Thank you, Kate!
In order to officially accept this award - which has taken me far too long to do anyway - i need to pick 10 other LOVELY blogs. So, so many to choose from!

Annah @ Red Means Go!
Ashley @ Fun As We GO...
Tarryn & Allison @ 2Bloggeristas
Stephanie @ Influence

These are just 10 of the blogs that make smile and/or laugh like a hyena. Congrats ladies :))

Now i'm off to tell you that you won!


  1. Thank you :)

    Can you believe I've never seen House? LMAO. Thanks for the blog love!

  2. Aw thank you Daniela! I am flattered. :)

  3. Thank you Daniela! You know I love your blog as well :)

  4. :) Thank youu Daniela!! I've just posted my ten winners xx

  5. Awh, thanks so much. Apologies for my delayed acknowledgement! For some reason your comment on my blog about this ended up in spam and I've only just seen while doing a clear out. Thanks again, L xxx


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