October 11, 2010

Big City, Big Job ... Big Girl :)

Guess who got a job headed in the direction of her dream career, & is moving to the city!!! You got it...yours truly :)

And my first gift to myself was the purse i told you about last week! Woot Woot!
*pause* I definitely just saw a commercial for the company I'm going to be working for as I was telling you this. Crazy!

Apparently this was the easy* part though. I need to find a place and move in 3 weeks. And i've never been apartment hunting in my life. Let alone long distance apartment hunting. I'm sure even LDRs are easier than this.

*If you've been here you know that searching for a job hasn't been easy at all. On the contrary, super frustrating.

First of all, they all look the same. After looking at 20 places i feel like i've looked at 20,000 and it's all a big mush in my head.

Second of all, some of the places i called wanted "at least 24 hours advance notice" before going in to look at an apartment. Gimme a break, people. You're a fucking superintendent! Your job is to always be at the building - what's the difference exactly when i come in for a 15 minute tour??

Third of all, and the reason i'm complaining (a trademark of mine) even though when i should just be excited (which really, i am!) is because...the unknown scares the bejesus outta me!!!
I'm generally a confident person (over-confident some might say), but this is BIG! And way too full of unknowns for my liking.

So complaining is my way of freaking out about things that scare me - without actually admitting that i'm scared. Denial, denial, denial.

Where's my therapy lounge chair?  

That's a lot of sharing for one post. Point is: job-hunting is done. Apartment-hunting here i come! [please pray for me]


  1. Omg Omg Omg so happy for you!!!!! Yayyy!!!1 What big city are you moving to? Can't wait to hear about your new adventures!

  2. Awesome! Congrats! Luckily, I didn't have too much trouble when I was looking for my place, so I hope the next 3 weeks go a little easier for you!

  3. Thank you girls! :)
    Can't wait to find a place - have some picked out - and then fill you in on the adventures :)

  4. Congrats lady! Apartment hunting was the worst. I slept on my friend's floor for 2 weeks before I found a place. But the minute I walked into my current apartment I knew I had to live there. It's frustrating at first but you'll find something perfect!

  5. Dude. That's awesome. Congrats! I'm new to your blog-- where are you moving? (Is that creepy to ask?) And what's your field?

    Good luck with the apartment hunting. Just remember-- you'll have a new place to decorate!

  6. Leanna - it's a good thing i've got several friends with various floors :)

    Cassie - LOL I'm in Business & those jobs are in TO so i am heading there! The decorating does make me feel better :)


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