October 7, 2010

20 Most Influential Albums

Claire @ Bicoastally has put out a challenge - your 20 Most Influential Albums.

Since i cannot live without music, i figured there's no way i could skip this one! I know what you're thinking - everyone enjoys listening to music. You don't understand.

No idle time can go by without music. Getting ready in the morning. While driving. On any and every mode of transportation where i am NOT driving. At work (not valid at the moment). Cooking. Showering - i told you a built-in shower radio is a must for my future bedroom!

My MP3 is my bff. If i went any further, i'd just flat out be a musician. But not a singer. No one wants that.


SO - most influential albums of my life. The following albums can make my world right. Make anything and everything fall into place. Instant sunshine on a rainy day.
  1. Various Artists - Dance Mix '95 [i don't think this exists in the States]
  2. Bryan Adams - So Far So Good
  3. Eric Clapton - Unplugged
  4. ABBA - Gold
  5. Boney M - Gold
  6. Rod Stewart - Greatest Hits
  7. Aerosmith - Big Ones
  8. Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - Greatest Hits
  9. Tina Turner - Simply The Best
  10. The Offspring - Smash
  11. Bruce Springsteen - Greatest Hits
  12. Dirty Dancing - Soundtrack
  13. Pink Floyd - The Wall
  14. AC/DC - Hell's Bells
  15. Bon Jovi - These Days
  16. Bon Jovi - Cross Road
  17. Ace of Base - The Sign
  18. Michael Buble - Call Me Irresponsible
  19. James Blunt - Back to Bedlam
  20. Various Artists - Festa Italiana

I know, a lot of 'greatest hits' but there's a reason they're the best. And the reason they were my introduction <3

I'm willing to bet this isn't what most expected. Think you can handle listing yours?


  1. I love this list! I'm glad to know I'm not the only kid our age who listens to ABBA and Boney M. Also, that Ace of Base album is just plain fabulous. And I <3 The Offspring. And Eric Clapton "Unplugged." And anything with the words "Dance Mix 1990something."

    In other words, you just have great taste in music. :D

  2. Dance Mix 95 is definitely my favorite CD! People can't believe I still listen to it, but they just don't make music like that anymore!

  3. Oh how I miss the music of the Offspring. *hmm*

    I need some of Michael Buble when I'm in a mellow mood. His voice is so soothing!

    (I found you on 20 Something Bloggers.)

  4. Great list!! But you're missing For Emma by Bon Iver. They would be on the top of my most influential albums of my life :)

  5. Great list, actually I think I had most of those "albums" myself. I think I would have added Journey in there though.

  6. Toni - You're right, Offspring & Buble compliment 2 very different moods! LOL

    Steph - Bon Iver? I haven't heard of him/her/them, so i'll have to check it out!

    Sandra - My parents were never Journey ppl so i didn't grow up with it but i do enjoy them once in a while :)


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