October 28, 2010

Packin' up my life

Ok, maybe not my whole life but a good part of it! 

I've never gone through the gawd awful awesome process of moving before, being lucky enough to have been able to attend a great university nearby [YAY no debt!] so this is all new to me.

But after doing this for 3 days - more like 2 b/c i skipped doing anything at all on Tuesday - i think i'm going to live in my new place FOREVER!

Packing this shit up all over again?! No thank you, i'm not that big of a masochist. Plus, i can only imagine how much worse it would be to have to pack everything and have a deadline! At least i can leave stuff behind in my old room, or come back for things i forget.

I now completely understand why some people stay at home until they're married. Who the heck wants to move more than absolutely necessary?! No one smart.

This probably wouldn't be so bad if i didn't own so much useless awesome crap. Trinket boxes full of useless trinkets anyone? Come visit and TAKE THEM ALL! I'm not taking them, but i have to sort through everything to find what i do want.

Here's what's been taking up my time this week:
The only glasses i own are of the wine & martini variety. Shocking, i know.
HOW am i going to pack this up?!
It doesn't look like an improvement but it is.
[sorry for the dark photo]
2 of 3 suitcases.
Whoever lets me buy any more stuff should be shot.
So if you don't hear from me for a long time - it's because this pack rat drowned in her sea of stuff!

PS: Moving help is always welcome! No? Meh, i tried.

October 26, 2010

Frenchie, part 1

Has anyone ever been on exchange abroad? Well i have. In the Fall of 2008 i went to Germany and it was the best decision i have ever made!

Not to be confused with me making the best decisions while i was out there. Those are two very different things.

But anyone and everyone will tell you that the time you are away on exchange is not the time to hold back. Let loose, take risks, live while you can! All true. And this will likely lead to some very interesting stories.

So back to me in Germany in 2008. I went through a very shitty breakup at the start of it b/c apparently i like to date big douchebags. That's besides the point.

The short story is that after sulking i was ready to have some fun, and my flatmate had the inside scoop on a guy that was interested in me. Little old me! Fast forward a few days to Oktoberfest in Munich:

That's just the first litre. At approximately 11am
What happens when I consume two of those? My flatmate (in blue, above) convinces me to make out with this interested guy, who we shall call Frenchie - on camera. Most other things are a blur. Including the video.

So what? Everyone makes out. No big deal. We're all friends here, it's exchange!

Fast forward another week to a campus party. This was such a hawt mess for everyone, no one even got a chance to document any of it. And yours truly was the honourable Queen of Hawt Mess that evening.

The result of this being the walk of shame the next morning after passing out too soon to make this story even more interesting. Really, i'm not in denial or anything. Good thing i wore flats - it made the walk home in a quiet German village slightly less shameful. Slightly.

But after knowing this guy for a week, and having some sober interaction, i wasn't too thrilled with his personality so i wasn't planning on hanging out with him outside of group functions.

Later that evening, Facebook newsfeed greets me with the update that Frenchie "is now listed as in a relationship <3."

Immediately i kick into troubleshooting mode and PM him simply asking him what this is all about. The most hilarious part i think is the fact that no matter who i tell this story to, their interpretation is "OMG this guy had a girlfriend?! And fooled around anyway?! What an asshole!" Oh NOOOOOOO - i was the relationship! LOL

But who the hell has time to wait for a PM reply?! Not this girl. So I then opted for the faster, more direct method of Facebook chat (which i hate):

in a relationship? what's that about?

what's that about??
Oook, i should have used simpler English.

yeah what's taht supposed to mean?

Ugh so for you we are not in a relationship?
UGH no buddy what the fuck is wrong with you..don't you usually need to discuss with someone if you are in a relationship? Crazy French!!!!!

Umm lets see i've known u for a WEEK, and i'm not looking for something serious.

yeah i know and dont worry i dont consider that it is serious enough too but for me now i am in a relationship but that DOES NOT mean that it is serious i hav to go sorry see u.

Dammit! Back home you go home with a guy hoping he'll want more and you get nada. Now the ONE time I do something casual (not to mention out of nature) I get THIS?! How unfair is that?!

The worst part is i had to wait to get this cleared up. And you my dears, have to wait until part 2 for more ;)

Boys are stupid. Throw rocks at them.

Warning: This will not be a polished post. It's an impromptu rant.

I had a great weekend, was pretty darn tired by the end of it, met & made out with a guy at the bar on Friday, blah blah blah.

He was cute & a good kisser (always a pleasant surprise) but drunk self should have seen the warning signs when he said (at the club) "i hope you're not looking for a fling, because i'm looking for the girlfriend type."

My response was to show my face in my drink and nod vigorously. Not even sure exactly what i was agreeing to but i was having a good time dammit, so nod away i did!

At first the persistence was nice. Shut up, don't even try to tell me you don't like getting attention.  Now it's Monday night and i'm tired of playing fucking 20 questions over texts. Plus, you getting WAY too freaking ahead of yourself!

If you get any more overbearing i'm gonna for real run away. And i might even do it in the cowardly way of just not replying b/c i don't feel like explaining myself. Good thing i'm changing my number at the end of the week.

This makes me compare you to the ones i'm (not actually) over more and more. Which is bad. B/c i don't want to think about Rockstar or Megaman (post to come soon) right now.

I like my life the way it is, and i'm not saying i wouldn't want a relationship, but i don't believe in changing my life entirely for one. Like...i never text this much! lol ok ok bad example.

Just stop making me feel like there's some obligation for this to fucking GO somewhere. Geez. What a waste of a good kisser.

Sorry. Had to vent. Thank you. XX

October 22, 2010


What better way to start your weekend than to share and spread some blog love?! That's right - there's NO other way ;)

Check out Design it Chic's Friday Blog Hop & join in the fun :)

Also, check out her blog for some awesome blog tutorials, tips and tricks!
Design It Chic


Sweet Dreams Self

Just wanted to let ya'll know who i'm falling asleep to tonight - Louis Van Amstel.

And can this man ever dance! Obviously i went overboard with my 'research' and found out he was gay. Don't say "i can't believe you didn't know that!" - i didn't.
Nor did i want to :(

October 21, 2010

Celeb Parents aren't REAL Parents

I'm kind of torn about whether or not i even want to share the following with you lovely people. I'm not even sure what the right word(s) is(are) to describe my thoughts on this.

I'll just get down to it. Watch this video - i completely understand if you can't get through it entirely, i will not blame you.

W.T.F. That is a 5 year old singing. Well Wikipedia says 10. I frankly don't give a shit. This is goddamn ridiculous.

FIRST of all, where the fuck do i start? Aside from this is just making me swear a lot. MAYBE i wouldn't be so put out if she was singing about lollipops or something. K, SCRATCH THAT! Lest we forget Lil Wayne's "Lollipop" from a few years ago.

5 10yr olds should not have record deals and videos. Call me old-fashioned. Very few child stars make it out alive. Why would you put your kid through that?

Second of all...i actually listened to the lyrics.

I'ma get more shine than a little bit 
Soon as i hit the stage applause im hearing it 
whether its black stars black cars im feeling it 
but can't none of them whip it like i do 
I, i gets it in mmmm yea i go hard 
when they see me pull up i whip it real hard 
i whip it real hard,real hard,i whip it real hard

Wow. I'd probably cringe a little bit even if it was an adult singing it. But it's not. She's 5 10.

Thirdly, just because the video is set in an elementary school does not make this ok. In fact, this means other children are subjected to it - but mostly, other children's parents think this is normal!!!! For the record, it's not.

And fourthly...let's get down to who "she" is. Willow Smith. Ya, Will Smith is her daddy. I may heart the crap outta the guy but i am SUPER disappointed right now. I had more faith in you than making both of your children into child stars.At least Jaden is acting in child-like roles [I haven't actually seen The Karate Kid though]. Seriously. You should know better. Now i resent you - is this what you wanted?! Don't answer that.

This is pretty good backup as to why i friging hate the youth of today. *sigh*

October 19, 2010

Apartment? Check!

Good news - my blogging will not be disrupted by homelessness since i have found a place to live!!! Yay me :)  It wasn't easy though - day 1 was very discouraging.

By Friday evening the options were looking pretty slim. One superintendent showed me a place (where someone still lived!) that was not in great condition, and all they were going to do was clean it up a bit - no painting, no floor re-doing, NADA - and she wanted to charge $1150 + $80 OUTDOOR parking!!! Yeah - i wasn't having any of that. Problem was - most of them were like that :(

Saturday morning i woke up determined & we hit the pavement, but there wasn't much to see. By Saturday afternoon i realized that the 1st place i had seen was the one.

It's the perfect location, perfect size, perfect floor-to-ceiling windows & cuteness. Like my friend said, it's just so ME! 

I'm so excited! 
But i still haven't had time to bask in enjoyment because i have to call and rent a moving truck, get my cable/internet installation all sorted out, figure out what i'm going to bring with me and what i will leave behind - and then PACK!

I haven't moved too often in my life but I've travelled plenty to know that packing sucks. And this packing-my-whole-life will likely be worse. Luckily for me, I have 4.5 days to settle in before starting work :)

It makes me feel all warm & fuzzy inside to think of how well things have actually been going lately :)

This song also makes me feel warm & fuzzy - enjoy!
The Michael Bublé version, because he's so dreamy

October 14, 2010

TGIF, kinda

This has been a BUSY week and i haven't even started working yet! Short week meant even less time for me to space out my usual procrastination.

Tomorrow is the day i've been dreading - apartment-hunting day 1. Which honestly, is only going to go into a maximum of day 2 because i do not have the time or energy to deal with this. I'm not buying it so as long as it's liveable in - i'm sold. Rented actually, i guess?

As if that wasn't enough - i have to get up early. I haven't done that in months - literally. However, I'm spending the weekend with this lovely lady, who will likely help me decide on where the heck to live. And probably come IKEA shopping with me! :D

Wedding, July 2009 - we had a great time <3
But i still just wan't this weekend to be over. So i can get to the easy/fun part - decorating! I'm just so tired right now....

The awesomest thing this week was...the Chilean miners being saved!!!
The dumbest thing this week was:
Gee thanks Facebook. Thanks for nothing.

Happy Weekend Everyone :)

October 12, 2010

Hollywood Deliciousness

We all have our favourite Hollywood Hotties and personally, I sometimes find it hard to reconcile all of them. And even explain why i think they're spectacular. I know - it's a terrible problem to have. lol

Bad boys is such a great category though and the Bad Girl Bloggers have made such a fantastic compilation, that you should really check it out! Promise you won't be disappointed ;)

You're welcome ladies :)

October 11, 2010

Big City, Big Job ... Big Girl :)

Guess who got a job headed in the direction of her dream career, & is moving to the city!!! You got it...yours truly :)

And my first gift to myself was the purse i told you about last week! Woot Woot!
*pause* I definitely just saw a commercial for the company I'm going to be working for as I was telling you this. Crazy!

Apparently this was the easy* part though. I need to find a place and move in 3 weeks. And i've never been apartment hunting in my life. Let alone long distance apartment hunting. I'm sure even LDRs are easier than this.

*If you've been here you know that searching for a job hasn't been easy at all. On the contrary, super frustrating.

First of all, they all look the same. After looking at 20 places i feel like i've looked at 20,000 and it's all a big mush in my head.

Second of all, some of the places i called wanted "at least 24 hours advance notice" before going in to look at an apartment. Gimme a break, people. You're a fucking superintendent! Your job is to always be at the building - what's the difference exactly when i come in for a 15 minute tour??

Third of all, and the reason i'm complaining (a trademark of mine) even though when i should just be excited (which really, i am!) is because...the unknown scares the bejesus outta me!!!
I'm generally a confident person (over-confident some might say), but this is BIG! And way too full of unknowns for my liking.

So complaining is my way of freaking out about things that scare me - without actually admitting that i'm scared. Denial, denial, denial.

Where's my therapy lounge chair?  

That's a lot of sharing for one post. Point is: job-hunting is done. Apartment-hunting here i come! [please pray for me]

October 10, 2010

*gobble gobble*

Happy Thanksgiving, Canucks!

Rach @ How Fickle Is Woman had a great apple pie recipe last month, & what better time to try it out than for Thanksgiving?! :)

Well it turned out GREAT, so thanks Rach :)
Awesome apple decor courtesy of my talented sister!
The thing i like about Thanksgiving is that it's still largely about the food and the getting together. Unlike Christmas. Don't get me wrong - i love Christmas. But it's all about the gifts and the shopping and money-spending and all that crap.

At least on Thanksgiving we focus more on the fam. And the turkey. And the stuffing. And the PIE! :)

October 9, 2010

Are you baking a cake, Yoko?

Dear John Lennon,

Happy 70th Birthday to you!

I can only imagine how glorious you would be today - if only it wasn't for that one small incident nearly 30 years ago.

Thank you for making the musical world a better place.

me (& Google)

October 7, 2010

20 Most Influential Albums

Claire @ Bicoastally has put out a challenge - your 20 Most Influential Albums.

Since i cannot live without music, i figured there's no way i could skip this one! I know what you're thinking - everyone enjoys listening to music. You don't understand.

No idle time can go by without music. Getting ready in the morning. While driving. On any and every mode of transportation where i am NOT driving. At work (not valid at the moment). Cooking. Showering - i told you a built-in shower radio is a must for my future bedroom!

My MP3 is my bff. If i went any further, i'd just flat out be a musician. But not a singer. No one wants that.


SO - most influential albums of my life. The following albums can make my world right. Make anything and everything fall into place. Instant sunshine on a rainy day.
  1. Various Artists - Dance Mix '95 [i don't think this exists in the States]
  2. Bryan Adams - So Far So Good
  3. Eric Clapton - Unplugged
  4. ABBA - Gold
  5. Boney M - Gold
  6. Rod Stewart - Greatest Hits
  7. Aerosmith - Big Ones
  8. Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - Greatest Hits
  9. Tina Turner - Simply The Best
  10. The Offspring - Smash
  11. Bruce Springsteen - Greatest Hits
  12. Dirty Dancing - Soundtrack
  13. Pink Floyd - The Wall
  14. AC/DC - Hell's Bells
  15. Bon Jovi - These Days
  16. Bon Jovi - Cross Road
  17. Ace of Base - The Sign
  18. Michael Buble - Call Me Irresponsible
  19. James Blunt - Back to Bedlam
  20. Various Artists - Festa Italiana

I know, a lot of 'greatest hits' but there's a reason they're the best. And the reason they were my introduction <3

I'm willing to bet this isn't what most expected. Think you can handle listing yours?

October 5, 2010

Buying necessities isn't reallyyyyy shopping!

I love to shop. I don't know a girl who doesn't which makes me totally UNoriginal. That's not what i was going for though, so it's alright.

It's not just about having something brand spankin' new - which is aaaaaaaaawesome! But i love the thrill of getting a fantastic deal! I may or may not consider myself the Queen of Frugal. Therefore Outlet malls = heaven!

Anyway my point is - i've been eyeing the following things:

THIS exact purse. $50 from ALDO. 
I think it's allowed b/c i don't own a brown purse, which everyone should since it's a major purse-colour. So it's more of a necessity in that case. Yes? K good :)

Light boots are the best thing for Fall (and Spring). Flats make your feet cold and since i don't really wear 'sneakers', i really need these to keep away the Fall frostbite.
A grey pair like these.
Grey would go great with my usually-black attire - tights, leather jacket, etc - and "brighten" up the look LOL It may not match my new brown purse, but really - who matches shoes & purses thaaaaat much these days!?

Belts are a GREAT way to add flare to an outfit, and it's so easy to switch them up!
Stylish belts to accessorize my outfits.
They can be any colour. Preferably something versatile that i can wear in an office (to the job i don't have) and out on the town! Versatile = useful = necessity, not just want. Trust me.

I LOVE sweater dresses! They're so simple yet look so great!
I like this one.
I have a nice grey one so something in black and/or brown. That'll complete the collection. For now, i suppose.

Finally, WHY is it so difficult to find a NICE white, collared shirt?!!? It's a freakin' staple! [AKA necessity.]
See, this one is cute! Available in stores? Apparently not the ones i've been checking out!

I love Fall because of all the layering you get to do - and effectively using several pieces from my closet all at once! Haven't i proven i deserve to go shopping?!?!?!

So on that note, anyone seen any great sales lately? ;)

October 4, 2010


OMG i only posted 7 times in September?! That shit has got to change. I'm sorry I'm failing you darling readers, I promise to change my ways!

I have been updating the blog layout though to make this all more enjoyable for you!!

Tonight is my favourite TV night - yes even better than Thursdays! - the fam watches our favourite Bulgarian tv show! I'd share this awesomeness with you all but i don't think any of you are fluent in Bulgarian?

You can however, bask in the hottness that is this fabulous protagonist!
What's that? He looks like a young Hugh Laurie? Yes - they are very sexy men indeed <3

*Blog Award*

Last week i recieved my very first [i make it sound like i will get more] BLOG AWARD, from the wonderful Kate at Simply Kate. You should check this girl out - she's planning on writing a whole novel in a month! True writer.

So my blog is lovely - who woulda thought?! YAY :)
Thank you, Kate!
In order to officially accept this award - which has taken me far too long to do anyway - i need to pick 10 other LOVELY blogs. So, so many to choose from!

Annah @ Red Means Go!
Ashley @ Fun As We GO...
Tarryn & Allison @ 2Bloggeristas
Stephanie @ Influence

These are just 10 of the blogs that make smile and/or laugh like a hyena. Congrats ladies :))

Now i'm off to tell you that you won!