September 21, 2010

Your tactfulness is much appreciated

Last week there were a few comments, both direct and indirect, that just rubbed me the wrong way. It may be that i'm just overly touchy at the moment, and often feel like no one in the world understands how I feel lately; but it may just be the fact that i have an opinion about EVERYTHING.

Exhibit 1
"I really hate it when people say FML, Gheez there's always some1 worse off than grateful for what you have and instead say I LML! :)"
Retweet that showed up on my homepage

Ok - am i a fan of my unemployed, unproductive & currently-boring life? No. Do i think i have the worst life ever & would trade it or give it away in a split second? No, definitely not.

Of course there's someone worse off than me! Natural disasters aside, we could always use the poverty and/or 3rd world argument. Does that mean i'm not allowed to feel sorry for myself for a few minutes per day? HELL FUCKING NO! So kiss my ass. Sulking helps me get over it and move on with my day.

You try checking job sites every day and seeing no new postings! I'm really sure you'd LYL then. Therefore leave the rest of us and our vocabulary alone.

Exhibit 2
Similarly, I was bitter about not having anyone to go with to see Ronnie from Jersey Shore! [We won't get into JS - it's my guilty pleasure. Everyone's allowed to have one, no?] last Friday at a local club. Can you blame me? It's the weekend and I don't have anyone to go to the club with! Sad me :(

And i don't know about your Facebook but mine has been HELLA boring lately. No pictures. No videos. Not even hotties to creep. It's ok, i'm shaking my head at myself for that last one too.

Therefore the following status update was posted by moi:
"Facebook is old news. Just like Niagara. Lame all arounddddd."

Well that got quite the response. All along the lines of:
- So delete your Facebook!
- So move out!

Oh my! I didn't even know i had such genius Facebook friends! Clearly it's not possible that i would have come up with those solutions on my own. I have a rebuttal (of course) for both of these. Wanna hear 'em? Of course you will.

1) I honestly would probably get rid of my Facebook because there are various other outlets for the things it lets me do.
Twitter for ranting
Flickr/Picasa for posting pictures
Blackberry for easy communication

Then why haven't I, you ask? Because when 15% of those friends are from my exchange in Germany 2 years ago - it's KIND of hard to keep up with them all via any other way. Not to mention family in Eastern Europe. So "deleting my Facebook" isn't really an option atm. I am seriously thinking about cutting down on the amount of friends though. I don't need their lameness.

2) I'm fairly certain that the ones shared the wisdom regarding me moving out have budgeted supporting my ass in the big city for next "n" amount of months while i find a job there. Bless their hearts. But seriously, shut up. As per above, it's not for a lack of trying!! :(

Exhibit 3
I started watching The Apprentice again this season as the show's premise of having contestants who have been affected by the recession really intrigued me. Plus, I never get tired of watching people in suits problem-solve in time-sensitive situations. *sigh* The life i so desperately seek <3

Anyway, what pissed me off was the one girl's introduction of herself. I wanted to find the video so you could see and hear the complete snobbiness but YouTube didn't have anything. So instead here is her bio from the website:

"She [Nicole] received her J.D. from Loyola Law School while holding the title of Miss Los Angeles, and placing 4th runner-up at the Miss California USA 2008 Pageant (part of the Miss USA Pageant). Determined to use her brains and beauty, Nicole left her law firm job, where she was miserable as an attorney, to prove that the recession can't stop her from pursuing her dreams."


First of all, you mentioned your beauty in a bio for a skills competition. How very pageant queen of you.

But secondly, you left a good job because you thought you were too good for it?! When the rest of the contestants have been either fired, laid off, are barely making ends meet because they live off of commission or like one guy, are even going through a devastating divorce because of economic downturn?!

You. Must. Be. Joking. No no, she definitely was not joking.

In the end though, bitch got what she deserved and was fired. Guess who's probably going to go crawling back to the attorney job she was "miserable" at? You got it.

I feel so much better now that I've shared this with all of you, as I'm sure some of you will see where I'm coming from. This is why I love you :)


  1. Applause. Applause. Applause. Never ever be afraid to speak your mind. Better to let it out on your own terms than let it fester inside of you and causes you even more stress.


  2. You go girl! I've had some interesting/rude comments as well which suck when you are already in a horrible mood-hence why you wrote the post in the first place-to get your feelings out! You know I am unemployed and in the same situation as yourself, and reading your posts makes me feel better because I know others feel as desperate and unhappy as I do sometimes! So keep speaking your mind and screw those who want to be rude about it-it's your blog and you can say what you want :)

  3. I rather enjoy a good bitch fest, and I promise I'll never throw the old "be grateful, somebody has it worse" at you...I save that for my 10 year old who bitches about the fact that her hair is wavy rather than straight.
    This was a great post. I really like you :)
    Oh, and don't leave Facebook. You never know when an old boyfriend will want to stalk you.

  4. I've noticed that some people lack in the empathy department and have an inability to just put oneself in someone else's shoes. It's sad! :(

    For some reason I barely update my twitter.... but that's probably only cause I'm always on facebook! Don't get rid of yours! :)

  5. you know how I feel.. when you have nothing nice to say, then don't say anything. especially when you don't know the whole situation. with that being said, i'm glad you have this outlet [besides me, of course] to let it all out. and NO, you definitely are not allowed to get rid of fb. who am i going to stalk during my free time if not you? :P <3

  6. I'm glad you got it all out! I am also so annoyed at the first bitch who criticized what you write about. Ugh I hate it when people are bitchy for no apparent reason. You can say FML as many times as you want. Just because other people have it worse doesn't mean you're not allowed to be frustrated by the shitty things happening in your own life. Ugh some bitches have nothing better to do with there time!

  7. Tell us how you really feel! You know I've only seen about two episodes from Jersey Shore (when the heck does that show air anyway?) but I think it's HILARIOUS! I especially love the Situation, because those friggin' funny ass faces he makes just crack me up.

    Also, that retweet was from my friend Britt! lol. So I'm sorry :( Still love me?

  8. Rach - well said partner! :)

    Sandra - ty! Let your 10 year old know it's way better than trying to wave-ify (word of the day) your hair. trust me ;P

    Emy - twitter is the shiiiit! So much info shared, so little time.

    Vik - you know i don't believe in "when you have nothing nice to say, then don't say anything" - say it all bitches! But i'll talk back.

    JoJo - loved your mini rant's all out now and i will continue to say FML. probably even more actually.

    Annah - haha yes still love ya! Honestly, i didn't even see the names b/c i was so consumed with copying/pasting the tweet that was trying to forbid me from using one of my fave expressions! Hilar that you 'manned up' tho :)
    And Jersey Shore is on TH @ 10, MTV. Or online. Catch the Situation and his ass face on Dancing with the Stars as well LOL

    Thx for the love ladies :)

  9. I like you already! Straight up and concise!!! FB is totally wayyyy over rated; I only stay on FB to keep in touch with my best friends back home in Ottawa. And I'm a Jersey Shore Virgin! Is it really that goodd?

    Love your blog BTW! :)

    P.S: Don't listen to the haters!!! Say FML all you want!

  10. My friend totally told me about Ronnie being at a club! (I'm from Toronto) haha but we didn't go.
    I couldn't believe my ears either with that girl on the really?!? She absolutely deserved to be fired!


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