September 1, 2010

Whatta day for this Job Hunter

Currently trying to get into the series premier of Shattered. Key word being trying. I know i said no new shows, but Californication's Lew Ashby - aka the sexiest cokehead ever - cannot be passed up!

So anyway, my day.

Lunch with the ex-co-workies was aaaawesome! I will be the first one to admit i enjoy my share of gossip. But it's not about gossip. With this place, it's all about letting off steam b.c otherwise you might go crazy. Talk about office politics & management lacking in understanding! We had a fab time discussing though...b/c 3 outta 4 of us no longer even work there! Bahahah poor Dave.  Old jobs isn't what i'm here to talk about tho.

So i've been applying to jobs in TO for all of a week [9 cover letters down!] so of course i'm still semi-confident. Today a recruiter called me (i'd passed my resume onto a friend who works at a staffing firm) and during this convo i'm thinking she's just trying to get a feel for me and what i'm looking for, where i'd fit in, etc. Next thing i know she's asking me about salary expectations and giving me the details of the position she's trying to fill -  "Account Support Assistant". 

Really? After 5 years of university with 4 years of legit (ie: not fast food or retail) work experience, you expect me to be excited about a bitchwork admin job that isn't even in my field? Not to be cocky, but it's below me. I'm not picking up and changing my life for something i know will make me hate my life when i wake up in the morning. I can find a job like this here...and live rent-free.

At first though i was going back and forth on this because i reallyyyyyyyyy wanna get outta here and that job's loca is AH-MAY-ZING. Plus, everyone's gotta start somewhere right! But i don't want to sell myself short, it's too soon to do that. I think Jes said it best:

"You need to figure out what it is that you want, and do what is going to get you there."

She's so wise. I am well-aware that i may regret this. But i'm trying to forget about regrets, so i won't focus on that now. Pretty much, support me in my decision so i don't have to cry myself to sleep. Please & thank you :)

As a reward, i shall feed you some of my awesome muffins! Yes, the rest of my day consisted of making apple-carrot-oat muffins with dried cranberries. *yum yum* And then i bought a pair of fabulous white Nine West heels...that i can't wear b.c my ankle is still in need of amputation (or just healing time). :*( I've decided to ask for a specialist referral next week, this is getting ridiculous.

After such an eventful day - read: day when i had to use my brain & thinking skills a little bit more - i hope my long weekend in Quebec is veryyy relaxing. I'm pumped for leaving tmrw! With university and work, i haven't had a chance to go in over 6 years! I'll make sure to post some key photos :)

Now this little tired muffin (albeit less delicious than the ones i baked today) is ready for bed! Oh yes, Shattered was pretty boring. Nooooooooooo, come back to me Lew Ashby!!!

ps: I loooooovey my new signature! :)

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