September 28, 2010

Money makes the world go 'round?

Back from my weekend shopping trip in PA with my fave twin - my mom! :)  We had a great time shopping, dining, sightseeing and wine tasting!

Interestingly enough, our trip was sponsored by - money. So whoever started spreading the nasty rumour that 'money can't buy happiness' should be glad they're (likely) no longer around for me to argue with.

I know this seems lame but i seriously feel the need to get my argument out in the open. And it's my blog so i'm gonna go for it!

Sure, there's a whole slew of [important] things that money can't buy:
- health [we like this]
- a great relationship/significant other [we all want this eventually]
- rivalry-free fam life [and keeping blood pressure at a normal level]
- genuine friends to support your ass when you're down [thank you!] & go out with [shots!]
- a JOB! [pretty please?]
...i could go on.

But there's plenty of stuff that i love which money CAN and does buy:
- gas for my car (which i bought with $$$ too) to go and see my fave people!
- a netbook to post my blogs & write my millions of cover letters [you like this]
- a TV to watch the shows & movies that make me smile :)
- plane tickets to satisfy my immense love of travel [Europe anyone? Yiiiiah]
- ingredients to make dinner & baked goods for people i love <3
- occasional shopping therapy to keep me sane ;) get it.

Not to mention signing up for those glorified dating websites to get a date or two. Maybe even a marriage! Or two? I don't plan on going in this direction but to each their own.

In conclusion, money can buy my happiness - anyday. But it can't solve all my problems, i know this. Ok, i'm glad we agree! :)

Since you stuck around this long, here's more mini-rant. Watching TV while writing this provoked the following thoughts.

Eggo waffles. Yea i loved them when i was young but i have come a long way since then. I can now make my own BETTER waffles from scratch. And guess what!? Freeze then toast them up later. Trust me when i tell ya that they are delicious. And healthy since i make the whole wheat kind :) What up now Kelloggs?!

Oh there's yet another Monopoly on the market, what a surprise. The commercial claims that the Monopoly electronic banking - "kids love it!" Really? Probably because they don't have to use their fucking brains. Don't even get me started on how much i hate today's youth. Hate.

Why am i so good at math? (I already warned you about the nerdiness ;P) Probably because i played the Game of Life all the freakin' time and adding up THOUSANDS of dollars in my head is really useful for brain and math development. Maybe you little teenaged, hard-headed fuckers should give that a try sometime?

Just think about how much travelling i could do if i had all the money contained a box of Monopoly!! :)


  1. I totally agree. I know money can't buy all my happiness-but it sure can buy some of it. That cute dress I want, a vacation, my own apartment away from the parentals, the dating website I am also considering joining... And most importantly, it buys my booze, which contributes to maintaining my sanity while job hunting :)

  2. Electronic banking in Monopoly??? That's so lame. Kids should have to count and do math like we did!

    And though money can't buy everything, it can sure buy a lot of great things. You make a good point there, girl.

    Also, now I want waffles. :P

  3. Oh that's lame! Monopoly money is awesome- I used to play poker with it when I was a kid.

    I always like to say money brings one opportunity. And opportunity brings one happiness. :P

  4. Great points!! I think it's so important to keep a healthy attitude to money and to realise that there's so much money can't buy like all the things you've mentioned!! I think the most important is it can buy you an amazing friendship/relationship.

  5. haha oops that's meant to say it CAN'T buy you an amazing friendship/relationship!!

  6. Couldn't agree more! Money goes a long way and that's why "we work hard for our money..." singing the Mcdonalds commercial now got a little distracted there!

  7. Rach: OMG i can't believe i forgot to add booze to the green list! lol

    Lauren: Am i allowed to skip the lalala? lol
    My jaw dropped when i saw that "electronic banking" b/s. As if kids aren't getting dumb enough already.
    If this job hunt doesn't improve soon i'm going to start selling my frozen waffles online. You're first on my list :)

    Emy: Love that money/opportunity/happiness quote!

    Steph: Ah but it CAN indeed buy you a relationship - if you're an old millionaire AKA gold-digger magnet haha :)

    JoJo: Work hard, spend hard girl! ;)

  8. Hello! Stopping by from Boost My Blog Friday to follow your blog..looking forward to reading more here! Have a great weekend!

    Carrie A Groff

  9. Hi there! I am your newest follower from the Friday blog hop! Lovely blog:) You can find me at


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