September 23, 2010

Crazy 8's Tag!

Rach from How Fickle is Woman has challenged me to a game where I have to answer 8 questions then ask 8 questions to 8 other people.
I actually enjoy these survey-like things. Remember when 75% of the forwards you got in high school were surveys? I secretly loved that shit. Or not secretly. Whatever.

ANYWAY - here is what Rach asked:

1.) What is your favorite childhood memory?
Some of you may not count this as a 'single memory' but to me it is. The period of time between the ages of 4 & 7 when i lived in Germany with my parents. I don't think anything will ever beat that, b/c i feel like if given the choice at any point in my life - i would hands down choose to go back to that time. The memories are so vivid and so happy. I wish on a daily basis that we had been able to stay :*(

2.) Who is your celebrity crush?
I have probably had a celeb crush on just about every male celeb out there at one time or another. What can i say, i like to have options.
But ok ok, i'll try to pick one...and I'm gonna go with Shia LaBeouf. He's an old fave of mine, and i feel like we'd get along wonderfully! ;)


3.) What would your dream bedroom be like?
On the top floor of a 3-floor home. Bench seat window on one side, walk-out terrace on the other. A small area with lounge chairs to get away. An ensuite with a gorgeous shower. Shower radio is a must. And of course - a huge walk-in closet. You should know how much I love closets by now...
But obviously, i haven't really thought about it much.

4.) What is your favorite clothing item?
I almost feel like this is targeted specifically towards me since i should know everything in my closet after the major clean out last weekend! LOL This is really hard, and it always depends on my mood, but i think i'm going to go with my light blue skinny jeans from Germany 2 years ago. I've dressed them up and down, and they're so comfy!

5.) What is one thing that you have been looking forward to this month?
Premier week! And it's here! Plus, the best is yet to come! Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives and Brothers & Sisters! They're my comfort shows <3
6.) What was the best year of your life and why?
Aside from 1990-1993 when I lived in Germany? Ok this one is a toss up. 
2008 because that was when i went on my international exchange to Germany! And had that really great summer fling.

Or 2009 b/c i graduated wiht my Honours BBA (yay me!), had my champagne birthday (yay 23!) and put to use all the good things i learned in Germany.
I started letting loose and going with the flow, tried to stop controlling every single thing around me, realized how much i thrive in social situations where there are more ppl i don't know than i do know and therefore had a ton of fantastic experiences.
It's also the year of my claim to fame. This will come in a future post as long as i find a way to protect the innocent.

I suppose 2008 led to the following year's awesomeness so 2009 it is! :)

7.) What is your alcoholic drink of choice?
Vodka soda with lots of lemons! Good-bye hangovers...hello blackouts! Because you're consuming water with your booze, and not sugary crap, you're hydrating at the same time, reducing (or eliminating) the hangovers!
But it gets you to such a good level of drunk, that i can sometimes drink endlessly and then be like "i did NOT do that! omg i did? fuck me." i'm not proud of those moments, but they're risks of the job ;)

8.) What was the best piece of advice you were ever given?
I give the best advice but never actually take it, so I'm not sure how to answer this. Actually there is one thing. I don't know who said this to me [it may have been a movie - they're my go-tos] but it has stuck with me ever since - it's about assessing how things you stress out about will affect your future:

Take a step back from your life and whatever is making you feel like shit.
Because more likely than not, it seems like a way bigger deal than it actually is.
Now think - how big of an effect is this really going to have on your life in a few years?
In all likelyhood, this shit isn't even going to be a blip on your radar.
And you'll mostly likely look back and think "why in the fuck did i make such a big deal?!"
Well don't worry, that's normal.
But before it turns into something you regret stressing over - shut it down.
It's not worth it.
Moral of the story: What doesn't kill ya, will make ya stronger.

Ya, that was all me. I told you i'm an amazing advice-giver. You didn't believe me?

Phew, that was a lot of thinking! Sorry, there's no way i could keep the answers concise - i'm a big talker ;)

Here's my list of 8 other bloggers:
Kate @ Simply Kate
Tarryn @ 2Bloggeristas
Here are my 8 new questions:
(1) What is your favourite beauty secret?
(2) If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
(3) Is there someone in your life that has made a big impact, who you no longer speak to?
(4) Whether or not you're happy with the career path you've chose, what job would you love to have?
(5) If you could be on any TV show, which would it be? Any specific character?
(6) What is your favourite holiday?
(7) Smartphone of choice & why! [I had to get nerdy on you]
(8) Why do you blog?

You're it! Enjoy :)


  1. don't forget there's vitamin C too in vodka soda with lemons :P

  2. Omg vodka soda with lemons is my drink too! Great minds think alike :) Seriously, no hangover, no tummy ache, and they taste like water. Thank god its almost Friday cause I want one right now!

  3. I think vodka soda will be my new drink of choice (it used to be vodka cranberry) Great advice, why has no one told me this before?? Btw I used to love those chain surveys too ;P

  4. I gave you a blog award! :D

    And I'll answer your questions soon! I was just tagged! So give me a few regular posts and I'll be answering your questions. :)

  5. shut the fuck up. you gave me an award?!?! thanks so much miss thang


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