September 20, 2010

Closets & Lattes

I can hardly believe what a seriously productive weekend i had! Being productive makes me hellllllla excited - it's a thrill like no other! *That feeling of utter accomplishment*

K well it's not like a climbed Everest or found a cure for cancer - but i did do a serious overhaul of my closets. My favourite kind of cleaning! And yes, that's plural. Last year i had to take over the mud room closet because i needed somewhere to put my outdoor belongings - a.k.a. shoes & jackets/blazers/etc.

I didn't take a before picture but trust me - disastrous.
Just the one closet...with neat little piles <3

Most importantly: my good deed of the week is the garbage bag worth of clothing that Goodwill shall be getting from yours truly.
I'm surprised i'm not wearing sunglasses in this pic, it's sooo bright! ;)

That's a lie. The most important thing is obviously the fact that there is now more room in there to buy new things! Clearly this was my motive all along, considering i'm well-aware of the shopping trip coming up next weekend. P-U-M-P-E-D.

You know what's not so pumped? My bank account. But i don't want to take away from my excitement right now so we won't dwell on that.

My Dad once asked me why i don't just fill my closet with the money i spend on clothes since half of them i only enjoy for a season. Well Dad, have you ever tried to put dollar bills on a hanger? Ya, not so easy WITHOUT COMMITTING A FELONY! Nuff said.

Honestly, i can't really call myself a shopaholic. I do love to buy stuff, but first and foremost i like to be frugal. Bargain shop, if you will. Because that $30 shirt looks so much better on you when you know you only paid $15. Trust me, baby ;)

In the end though, i do sometimes end up buying things just because they are so freakin' cheap they're practically giving them away! Hence the closet expansion. However, I draw the line at online shopping; I just won't go there.

The other awesomeness of my weekend was FINALLY hunting down a hand-frother! With Starbucks and the like being all the rave, you'd think latte-making accessories would be much easier to find. Ok, re-reading that i take it all back. It's probably all Starbucks' fault.

My $11 magic-maker & deeeelish homemade Chai Latte <3
If you're asking yourself whether my weekend consisted only of lattes and cleaning, then the answer is a big, fat YES! Occasional homebody > thiiiis girl :)

Homebody is also in the cards for this week because it's Premier Week! Only the best week of the best month of the year! And i found some great recipes this wknd that i hope to try out!

Hope you all had a great weekend as well!


  1. I love cleaning and organizing my closets too. I thought I was the only one! Go us!

  2. mmm! Have you ever noticed how the best things in life start with the letter C? Coffee, Clothes, Chocolate... :D

  3. wow your latte looks dee-licious!! :) A little frothed milk goes a long way x

  4. closet and drink look fabulous!!

  5. Kate: We're not crazy. Just OCD. LOL :)

    MissEmy: I do love ALL of those things but never noticed the pattern. Thank you! haha

    Steph: Ty! *Hands over virtual latte*

    Tarryn: The other closet (not pictured) looks just as good. So proud of myself. It'll only take a week to destroy though LOL

    And i forgot to mention - ever since I got a steamer, i steam EVERYTHING. So part of the reason this all took so long was b/c I steamed at least 80% of the clothes before putting them back. <3 I also steamed my PJs. Pls don't judge me :(

  6. I agree...that feeling is amazing and we did the same thing...cleaned, had caffeine and organized and shopped ...haha....gotta matter how much money we have...i can make $30 bucks go far! LOL


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