September 6, 2010

Adventures in the Wilderness

Thank you JC for the title inspiration - your randomness is good for something :) But since i am internet-less in the wilderness, you'll be getting the details with someone of a delay.

PART I – Friday Sept 3

Last night, after 11 hours in the car, one of two delicious Sam's Club pizzas devoured, several cans of pop and half a movie – we made it to our destination in the Quebec wilderness. At least our less-than-fabulous accommodations were ready for us to pass out.

Princess is ready for bed. Oh, and i want those blinds in my room.
Not before we had some cellphone difficulties though – having to force our phones to the Rogers network from AT&T after every other text because we're so close to Vermont is really fun. Thank you for always reminding me how much i hate you Rogers. This was a persistent problem for the remainder of our time in said wilderness.

I had actually forgotten how great He's Just Not That Into You is!!! So so many truths. Most importantly – you are the rule, not the exception. Unless we're talking about your soulmate. But the theory of soulmates in itself is a rather big exception. Gigi though, suuuuuuch an overly pathetic character; juuuust a little over the top. Especially in the happy hour scene *shaking my head* [SMH for future reference]

Now, there's one thing you need to know about this [currently unemployed] princess: i like to drink my morning coffee in my PJs, before i do anything else. Unless i'm going out for a hangover breakfast. Rare exception. So the fact that we had to drive to the main cottage for breakfast and coffee was met with some glares from yours truly. They survived though. Thankfully we woke up to nice weather otherwise...i don't even know. So then we headed off on a day trip to the little tourist town of Magog with the mom & sister – aka The Triplets.

The scenery is rather breathtaking...
We had to feed the parking meter 3 times though b.c we kept finding more boutiques to visit. We tasted some awesome ice tea made from loose black tea+ice wine leaves. For those of you who have tasted ice wine, you know it's diviiiine. No rhyme intended.

So after the first hour, mommy and i went back and the meter read "-0:01". Since my mom was convinced that if added another dollar now, it wouldn't also add our one single precious minute, we were waiting and waiting (it's a WHOLE minute we're talking about) and i commented that 'this is the looongest minute of my life'. Lo and behold, the meter changes to "-0:02"!!...OMG how did we just GAIN a free minute?!

Ya...please note, that's NEGATIVE 2 minutes; we didn't notice that minus sign there. BAHAHAHAHA It's a good thing we don't take ourselves too seriously LOL *sigh*

$55 later, we were satisfied :)
 That's about as exciting as the day got. Aside from Shia LaBeouf in Eagle Eye. *yummy*

PART II – Saturday Sept 4

To say that waking up this morning was unpleasant would be an understatement. True to the weather forecast (just when you want it to be WRONG), it was raining. Now i think most will agree with me that the gentle patter of rain outside your window is calming and soothing, and can even put you to sleep. This was none of the above.
It was like a bunch of rhythmless broads dancing up a storm in their heels on the tin roof above my head. I was almost too tired to be angry. *Signature Death Glare* Almost.

My sister sleeping like a corpse next to me provided no entertainment to my awake self, so for 2hrs i played Texas Hold'em on my Blackberry. $500 quickly turned into $5000, which then turned to $0...remind not to try my luck at the casino. 

After having to get dressed in ready to drink my coffee again *Signature Death Glare*, the Comedy Network brightened up my day - Dane Cook's Vicious Circle was on. Ah-may-zing! That is one hilarious and talented man. He can have me any day. Maybe a cinematic adventure followed by a one-night stand? It'll be a blasty blast! Actually, I wouldn't mind a multi-night stand...

And who was on after that? Russell Peters! His making fun of multiculturalism is so great and true. I should really send him some material for a skit on Eastern Europeans. I can provide him with plentyyyy.

The rest of the day was spent at an awesome cottage nearby. Just. Plain. Gorgeous. It had the whole cabin feel with the wood finishing on the inside and a wood fireplace right smack in the middle of the main floor, with a little loft bedroom at the top. A dream! And a cute little Wishbone dog sliding around on the hardwood floor :)

I'm not a dog-lover but Snoopy was a sweetheart!

That's the kind of cottage i dream of. Not just a falling-apart shack providing half-assed shelter. When this girl leaves her house for an extended period of time, she wants equivalent or better accommodations. Not gonna lie, i was lazy by the fireplace after the huge Bulgarian lunch. Stuffed like a pig surrounded by good company is proooobably one of my top 10 feelings.

Then Snoopy decided to steal my sock. And apparently fell in love with it b.c there was some seeeriously nasty growling involved in getting it away from him. LOL

The approach...
...the crime...
Don't even think about it!
Ok you are thinking about...

After that little 'adventure' though, we should head back b.c the warmth from the fireplace is really putting me to sleep...*yawn*

PART III – Sunday Sept 5

I am really proud of how quickly the familia packed their shit up and ate breakfast this morning so that we could head out of the wilderness and into the city!

Hello Montreal! :)

Montreal is my favourite city in Canada HANDS DOWN! Also probably the only thing that can say i actually love about Canada. It's got everything you could ever want: culture, history, daylife, nightlife and more. Kind of like Berlin, but not so so awesome. Always makes me wish we had stuck around instead of moving to Ontario, because being fluently TRILINGUAL woulda been the besttttt J Plus of course all aforementioned reasons!

After a wonderful walk, with a Starbucks Chai Latte in hand, we headed back on the long  trek home...all in all, another successful family vaca :)


  1. Love your pics! Sounds like a great time :)

  2. love the puppy! teddy likes to steal my socks too (only mine though) and wait for me to see him and then runs outta my room for me to chase him around.. it's rather hilarious. glad you had fun! <3

  3. Waaaaaaaaah the pictures of your pooch are way too adorable for words :) LOVE LOVE LOVE.

    Also, $55.00 for dessert? That is a sin! Hmmm but it does look good. Yum-oooo.

    Thanks for the blog love.

    Oh one final thing, that sleeping mask is rocking it.

  4. I am the exact same way with my morning coffee :)

    Love the pics, and I really want to visit Montreal, it looks gorgeous ~ but dessert that costs $55?!? Wow!

  5. Thank you ladies i fully enjoy your comments :)

    So apparently the $55 caption is a little misleading...there just weren't an blog-worthy photos of the virgin daiquiri & pina colada (the mom & sis are weeeeak) and my After Eight coffee joy. But the desserts were still $30! That's what you get in a tourist town *shrug*

    But ABSOLUTELY go visit Montreal, its everything i said and more! love love looooove!

    Keep rockin' gals :)

  6. ps: currently in my pjs drinking coffee ;) And on HOLD with unemployment office. bleh

  7. It's nice to see some people have nice family vacations! (Mine are filled with fights.) I had never been to Canada despite the fact that I live in Boston - so close - but I finally went on a quick weekend trip to Toronto this summer; I loved it! I really want to go to Montreal though. I'm thinking Canada is a nicer version of the US.

  8. Looks like a great trip - the pics are absolutely beautiful! And Snoopy - he's absolutely adorable :)

  9. I love this blog. Looks like it was amazing trip. The dog SO adorable.

    Love love LOVE this: "you are the rule, not the exception." I agree about the talk on soulmates. Hopefully mine comes sooner than later ;)

    And I too have to have my coffee in my pjs before I can do anything else!!


  10. Ah yes, Snoopy was the highlight of the trip LOL

    Boston - don't be fooled, there was plenty of fighting on the trip! Canada may be 'nicer' in some ways but there are more opportunities in the States. And your shopping is WAY better! :)

    Gossip-er - oh yes, the scenery was spectacular! I think a cottage in the area would be nice eventually :)

    JRuud - "He's just not that into you" is way too wise! And if only i could have Starbucks delivered so i could sip it in my PJs..incredible lol


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